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Many women do not find the gem. You would like a handsome, loyal, funny and muscular man, in short, the real prince charming! You are right to be demanding and not want to meet just anyone. You have tastes and expectations and you must meet them.

However, dear readers, if women have specific criteria, know that men have them too and that is why it is important to interpret male psychology correctly. You are not the only ones with requirements and wanting to find the perfect match. Men also want to live a beautiful story with a woman who will be their accomplice and who will truly correspond to them. Contrary to what you may think, the goal of the male sex is not to rack up the nightmares.

Certainly, everyone has faults, and men, even the most perfect, are no exception to the rule. To pretend otherwise would be a lie, but considering that they are not perfect does not mean that women are perfect… The misunderstandings can be explained by a simple principle, men do not manage to put themselves in the skin of women, that is to say, to think like them, and vice versa. There are certain types of women who scare men off and if you show yourself that way on a first date, you are unlikely to have a second! You should be aware that your celibacy is not just because those you meet don't want to commit or that they don't know what they want. Sometimes it's your attitude that could be a problem.

Whether you are in a relationship and the latter beats the wings, or you are looking for love, there are some principles you should know. So you need to understand what scares them away, which is what men hate. For that, I offer you a glimpse of the image that must absolutely stop reflecting.

Why do men hate certain types of women?

Women are not the only ones to have specific expectations regarding their love life, men also want very specific things in the sentimental field. Don't think that they'll jump on everything that moves and that they are going to engage with a woman just for sex. Obviously, it can work for a few weeks or a few months but I'm sure this is not what you are looking for. You don't build a strong, long-term relationship just by doing it that way - that is, believing that sex will solve everything. Indeed, it must be understood that some women are quite simply unbearable and that sometimes even their friends, as well as their relatives are completely at the end of the line!

It has nothing to do with the strength of character because it is perfectly possible to be a strong but sensitive woman and not throw everything around for a yes or a no. What men hate are moody women, those who take the fly for trivialities and show instability. To be well with a person you have to try to understand them a minimum, but if your reactions are never the same then they will not know on which foot to dance, and there is nothing more unsettling for a man and that makes them run away.

This aspect may seem a little selfish, it must be recognized, but if some men prefer to put a distance, it is quite simply because they think of themselves and do not necessarily want to commit to a relationship that they know eventually is doomed to fail. When a woman constantly shows her sickly jealousy, that she is angry, or too possessive, it is normal that a man does not feel comfortable and does not want to take initiatives for the couple or in the game of seduction. Never forget that everyone is looking for happiness, so when you are in the midst of seduction, you have to know how to show your good sides, but if you spend your time behaving negatively, you will never be able to realize how wonderful you are.

You should also know that the vision of love and the couple is different in men, and if you spend your time wanting to make him change, to put pressure on him to invest himself or else so that he thinks like you, then the opposite will happen. You have to accept differences in design because everyone can learn from the other. The reflexes, expectations, and habits of men are not the same as yours and this is precisely what makes life together. You complete each other, two initially unknown people become inseparable. However, if you force a man to do too much from the start, if you absolutely want him to think as you think then he will feel like he is with an insufferable woman and he is bound to think negative things.

The 4 faults of women that men hate:

If you really want to conquer a man and give him the perfect image, to be unique in his eyes, you have to know what can make him run away. Putting yourself in a man's shoes allows you to understand his expectations and avoid making the same mistakes as the women around you who can be rivals. By behaving differently you will attract the attention of men and finally come out of celibacy or completely fulfill the one who shares your life.

No man wants a boring woman!

When you want to live as a couple, to form a stable couple, it is for a good reason, to be well together. Before transmitting positive emotions oneself, we want to receive them and be satisfied. Every human being seeks happiness and that comes through love. Indeed, thanks to my experience as a sentimental advisor I realized that there was a characteristic common to each and every one of you, we cannot be fulfilled by being single, at least not in the long term because the human being is made to exchange. Finding the right person is a very important part of the lives of men and women.

Be careful, I am not saying that all single people are depressed and that they do not have a balanced life, but something is missing, the presence of a partner is missing. This is why, if you have the opportunity to live a great story, you will not hesitate to give it a try.

However, this does not happen at all costs. Living with a boring woman can quickly turn into a killer. What men hate is a partner who, on the contrary, will turn life as a couple into a nightmare. Do not be the one who wants him to commit after 3 weeks of a relationship. Do not be the one who does not let him breathe and who absolutely gets into a relationship on social networks. Do not be the one who absolutely insists that he cut off contact with his friends even if you don't like them. But above all do not become like a second mother to him, that is to say, to constantly reproach him and to want to manage everything because after a while he will crack. The desire to form a solid couple does not justify the fact of wanting to do too much and being permanently on the back of the man.

When jealousy destroys the relationship between men and women

One of the main problems couples experience is unhealthy jealousy. I can't count the number of women who turn to my advice after their man can no longer bear their jealousy (and the reverse is also true!). It is important to clarify that everyone is jealous. Even the most 'macho' men are. It’s human to have that feeling.

However, there is a big difference between being a little possessive and preventing your man from living because of his jealousy.

Dozens of messages a day, harassment on social networks, and even friends are involved because the sickly jealous will stop at nothing and contact the relatives of their companion. You know, however, that this is no way to go, but your lack of confidence or your need to be in control takes over. And men hate to feel suffocated, to be constantly spied on. This is why, if you are extremely jealous you will have to make an effort to better understand men.

In fact, a good way to realize this is to put yourself in his shoes. I just explained that men can't stand being with a woman who is too jealous, but this applies to both sexes. Indeed, imagine even 2 minutes if your man had the same behavior if he spent his time on your Facebook profile spying on your contacts when you have nothing to blame yourself, to call your entire directory when you are fifteen minutes late and have a fit because you were on the phone with a colleague to settle a detail on a file. So you can't afford to stop doing this too!

A non-comely woman

Ladies, it is time to take initiative and not leave the whole phase of seduction to men. If you are a loyal reader of my article, you will know that I have devoted several articles to female seduction, including the one on women too difficult to seduce. But I didn't stop there! I also mentioned the issue of women who had to open up and take their courage in both hands and take responsibility for their desires and their choices. Do not rely on men to come to you and when a handsome male pleases you he does not hesitate to show it to him.

Certainly not necessarily in a direct way, but even if your seduction must be more subtle, it will not be less effective.

It's not just about going to him, sending the first message, or suggesting activities. No, we have to be more open. Obviously, if you are not interested in this man who is courting you, you should not feel obligated to do so but if you like the man, why not give him a chance and come in. In the game of seduction, overdoing it and staying on the defensive all the time can tire men out quickly. You have to be a little inaccessible, but that does not mean that you always have to say 'no' or close all the doors for weeks or your beautiful Apollo will get bored!

A man can fall in love with a woman, at first sight, the desire to experience a great story with a woman, but if the latter does not do anything for him, and if the efforts always come from the same side, he very quickly gets tired and especially think that her efforts are useless because she is not interested. A woman who is not pleasant, who does not convey the image of a happy person, will find it difficult to please men. You have to have an eccentric, funny side and show a reciprocal attraction to make the game of seduction last.

A manipulative woman

Romantic manipulation is often associated with men. We think of Casanova, Don Juan, and all the womanizers who are not only looking to expand their hunting scene and multiply relationships without a future. It is obvious that many men act in this way and it would be wrong to think that the manipulators are just legends. However, this bad side of sentimental life is not limited to men. They too can be victims of the behavior of some manipulative women who seek only to have control of the relationship and play with the feelings of men.

It is obvious that sooner or later, your partner or the one who is trying to seduce you will take some distance. Either way, if your goal is to hurt others, this isn't where you are going to find techniques. I help women who are serious about finding solutions to sentimental issues and who don't just play with men.

To find love or be happy in a relationship, you have to be sincere and not be aiming to get revenge on your exes or to have all the control over the life of the one who is close to you. It is important to have a healthy foundation to be able to move forward together.

To understand what men hate you have to be aware that there are differences between men and women. Until you understand this aspect or worse deny it, you will have a hard time behaving in the right way because you will not be making the effort to find out what the hell is going on in your head. So you will inevitably meet different types of men and each will be different because their experience will not be the same as that of your ex, your cousin, or your best friend. It goes without saying that the sentimental past plays a preponderant role in the attitude we adopt today. So to know everything about men, you have to know how to take into consideration these factors which play on the attitude that we adopt on a daily basis because we have all been hurt, happy, in love. It is also for this reason that It is important to understand the gestures and reactions of men in love in order to know what the one you like expects from your story.

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