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  • Published May 8, 2009
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In a life span of people suffering from lots of problems, so obviously they will think about those problems. And then the possible out come of those problems is stress and depression or they may addict to alcohol or any other harmful drugs. Some people making smoking habitual to get relief, interim they can feel relax for sometime but that will affect to health. Young people may feel anxiety for any small thing they will not think to solve, the problem would be simply they will think about the problem. These all the factors will affect to your health with the increasing ratio while increase your age. Finally you may get diabetes or hormone imbalances or any other disease, so you will go for medicine and you will start to take a medicine for long time. Above we discussed about stress and depression, anxiety, diseases, medicine, and life style, these all are the possible causes of impotence or erectile dysfunction in men.

Don’t hide if you are suffering:

Impotence is also known as erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is an inability of a man either gets erection or sustains erection in sexual intercourse. Lack of blood flow in penis is the main cause of impotence. Sexuality depends on two factors, first person’s physical and second mental connection, so both should get satisfied to achieve a perfect sexual intercourse. If men get satisfy and female can't get satisfaction means there is no means in sex, may be it will break your relationship. Recent series serves describes above 60% men suffering from erectile dysfunction, but they are shy to concern their doctor and share his feeling with partner. If they meet the doctor they can get solution for Impotence. Some sexual health professionals, including doctors and physical health professionals, may not feel free discussing male erection problems. Ask your health doctors how they feel to treat men who have suffering with erection problems. Don't think more about impotence now you have solution for impotence now impotence became treatable with Viagra also know as blue pills and other well know impotence drugs like: Cialis and Levitra, now you can get online treatment for erectile dysfunction.

About Viagra:

Viagra was introduced in 1991 for chest pain and they conducted a trial studies, they noticed penile erection enhancing effects. The FDA Viagra on March 27, 1998 . Blue Pill is the first oral pill to treat erectile dysfunction. Now millions of people are taking prescription for Viagra.

How it will effect

Viagra blue pill effect by improving blood flow in to the penis, while having blood flow you can get erection. Viagra will not effect without stimulation. Blue pills are available in different dosage 25mg, 50mg and 100mg, before taking Viagra blue pill you should get consult to your doctor. Depends on your medical condition they will suggest how much dosage you can take. Take Viagra half an hour before to your sexual intercourse. It will work around two hours.

Scientific name of Viagra is Sildenafil. Viagra is the best drug for erectile dysfunction; you have several treatments available in market but this small blue pill making thunder in pharmacy industry. Viagra dominated all over the world in treatment of Male impotence. Even though Viagra has only been available since 1998, it has already gained a world-wide reputation, with sales of around £1billion per year. Viagra has introduced by Pfizer, the world's popular pharmaceutical company, has a certain amount of good luck to thank for this phenomenal success.

Side effects:

Every drug has side effects, Viagra also has several side effects Headache like abnormal vision, urinary tract infection, rash, nasal congestion, dyspepsia, flushing. Prescription Viagra should be used with caution.

This article provides you the wide information on impotence and what would be the main causes of erectile dysfunction in male. Get to know more about impotence drug Viagra, please visit to buy blue pills.

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Delle · 9 years ago
i'm 25 but i have a reduced size.i need your help fpr an appropriate medication.I am from Nigeria,I hope there is going to be a way i can get your drugs here.Thank you

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