The simple key to finding happiness


  • Author Clare Swindlehurst
  • Published May 8, 2010
  • Word count 437

Do you feel like you spend your whole life on a fruitless search for happiness? You can ask anyone you know, even a stranger on the street, what they think happiness looks like and most people will say that they want to be thinner, or prettier, or to find Mr Right.What most people don't realise though is that they all have the key to unlock that happiness; they just don't realise it.

It's so simple that the answer is sometimes surprising. The key to unlocking happiness in your life is to be ready to change.

If you are overweight then you can wish to be thin, but it won't happen like magic, you need to be ready to make the changes in your life. You need to sit down and have a serious think about why you are overweight. Perhaps you feel unloved and your weight is like a protection shield or a comfort blanket. Until you deal with those feelings you'll never really want to make the changes you need to make to lose weight and be happy.

Maybe you think you're always unfortunate in love and that you can never find Mr Right so you always end the relationships. Is that the real reason? Or is it that you are scared of being abandoned so you walk away from your relationships before your partner can? When you decide to make the change you will have to face your fears, and that in turn will lead you to happiness.

Perhaps your search for happiness lies in a promotion, but you get continually turned down for every job you apply for. The question is; do you believe in your heart that you are ready and worthy of that promotion? Because if you don't that is the impression you will project onto the interviewer and you will never be offered your dream job. Achieving your goal and unlocking your happiness requires you to make a change to your core beliefs about your value.

You will know that you are ready to make changes in your life to unlock the door to happiness when you stop using words like can't, try, must and should have. Words are powerful things and positive words can bring you empowerment; when you are ready to change you will start to say that you can, and you will and you have.It really doesn't matter what you are searching for, the key to unlocking that happiness you seek is inside you. To unlock the door you just need to accept that you need to change and then go and do something about it.

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