Optimism For Happiness


  • Author Amy Twain
  • Published May 25, 2010
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When everything is fine and alright, it is quite easy to be an optimist. But at any point in our lives, just a few individuals and just for a limited amount of time can you feel that all is indeed really well with them. So in a way, optimism is being deemed as merely an illusionary outlook a person has when assessing one’s life and when you make plans for the future. We all know more or less the main conditions we need in order for us to be happy. We all need love, pleasure, power, peace, spiritual development, balance, peace, harmony, family, acceptance and recognition of our worth and value as human beings, friends and everything positive and optimistic as well.

If we do not feel or encounter the common financial woes, we face social problems, psychological difficulties, health problems, family problems, love problems, etc. No one is happy and no one believes that things could be better in the near future, based on the way our universe functions. Did you ever felt that you are near the valuable circumstances for your happy existence in your life? And how does everyone else in the earth survive? The reality is that most of the people in our planet live in quite suffering and sans any anticipation of relief. Happiness then, is just a distant dream, and optimism—a fairy tale, and we have to be realistic.

We can’t speak and talk about being optimism and being happy in a world where there are too many people starving, selling their bodies, killing, fighting, others die without reason. Yet on the contrary, how could an individual be positive if he has to undergo tons of problems and difficulties and have to overcome numerous challenges in order to finally attain happiness, if at all this would ever occur? Optimism, I believe has to come first. Even when there were no conditions for the state of happiness and there’s no hope of alleviation, optimism would still provide guts and bravery to the survivors.

Or else, there will be no alternative solutions in life. In the absence of optimism, then, there will be no courage. Optimism, faith and having a positive outlook are very essential for the improvement of courage in the individual’s psyche or way of thinking. If one never believes that he is going to conquer his dilemmas or difficulties and live happily after solving them, then he can’t have the guts or the nerve to take even a little effort needed to begin facing the unlimited problems that life and the world might offer you. And so, being optimistic is not just another evasive belief anymore.

It’s our distinct power and strength in the hopeless barren desert we inhabit. If only we can manage to foster optimism in our hearts and minds, even though reality is really disheartening, then we would obtain the courage needed to be able to prepare the conditions of our lives and work very hard for all of us to be happy and fulfilled.

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