What is life? If not compromise!


  • Author Nina Bagnall
  • Published June 17, 2010
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What do you think? To put everything in perspective for you the reader, it is appropriate that you are made aware from which generation I was raised.

My father was Polish and my mother was English, the best parents any child could wish for. I was the second of four children, living in a market town in England. Born in the early fifties, the four of us were lucky to be educated in private schools receiving the best education possible, whilst at home our parents taught us the true values of life.

Right from wrong! Honesty being the best policy! Having respect for your elders! To this day, it is a vivid memory, even into my late teens, never daring to address someone older by their first name.

For me life did not start out too well. When only about 6 months old, I burst a blood vessel in my head, extremely serious business at that time, so much so, the surgeon told my parents that he would do the best he could but only offered less than 50/50 survival and so being christened catholic the last rites were administered by our local priest.

As it turned out, I was reprieved, so to speak, but the illness left me with poor eye sight and at nine months old, began what was to be yet something else that would, by its severity, stop me doing and having things that others take for granted, ASTHMA.

I was the only child at "St Josephs Convent School" to be struck down with this debilitating disease which to some degree isolates’ you. Don’t misunderstand, I still had friends, but could not join in any of the sports, which would have been great.

My difficulties would begin, just by getting a common cold, because this lead to chest infections which made me bed ridden for most of 6 weeks it took to get better. It always seemed that I was playing catch up with my studies, falling behind through no fault of my own. Nevertheless, it was hard. But, as they say "Life goes on" which indeed it did!

During the subsequent years, reading became a passion of mine and gave me endless hours of pleasure and fulfillment, for which I am grateful. Books have the ability to teach and therefore an individual is bound to acquire knowledge on so many topics, so for me, you could say books educated me in life!

Getting married and having two beautiful daughters. The irony was that both pregnancies were the only consistent times of my life when I was free of Asthma attacks.

My aspirations were dampened most of the time! I wanted to be a vet, but could not be in close contact with animals, joining the forces was a definite no, no.

In the end I settled for mediocrity taking a short hand typing course, but was somehow never fulfilled, always thinking there was something else waiting.

Today, life is by no means a bed of roses, but, now I know who I am and what my boundaries are without feeling too compromised!

What about you?

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My name is Nina Bagnall, author of various books for women. I am a firm believer in natural alternatives for healing mind, body and soul. Our bodies are not only unique but are most definitely a miracle to be proud of.

Born and raised in Staffordshire England, educated at a private convent school.

Most people have problems, but, it’s the solutions that make the difference. These books are the answers.



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