How To Cope With Grief Of Pet Loss - 5 Tips

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  • Author Sachin Kumar Airan
  • Published September 4, 2010
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For many people, a pet becomes part of the family. Since they are such a part of your life, losing a pet can be traumatic and painful. No doubt, your pet was always there for you, ready to greet you at the door and to love you unconditionally. More than likely, you devoted a large part of your time to your pet, taking your pet for walks, feeding your pet, and enjoying their unique personality. When this bond is broken, it can be very difficult to get over the loss. If you have lost a pet, here are some tips that can help you cope with pet loss.

Tip #1 - Don't Downplay Your Grief

First, you should not downplay your grief. When you lose a pet, remember that he was more than a pet. You truly are grieving a real friend. Realize that this is a big event in your life and sadness is natural. Don't try to downplay your grief, but instead realize that this is a process that can take some time.

Tip #2 - Know You'll Always Remember the Pet

As you try to cope with pet loss, know that you'll always remember your special pet. Although you will work to cope, you may never truly get over this loss of your pet. They will always be in your mind and you'll always have those special memories with your pet.

Tip #3 - Talk to Someone

It's definitely a good idea to talk to someone as you deal with pet loss. Being able to communicate the way you feel can help you cope with this difficult time in your life. Talk to those who understand what losing a pet can feel like. As you grieve, you need support. Look to friends and family members who have pets who can help you get through this time with their love and support.

Tip #4 - Be Patient with Yourself

Another important tip for coping with pet loss is to be patient with yourself. Realize that this is not going to go away overnight. It may take weeks or it may take you months to deal with this in your life. Allow yourself as much time as you need. You don't have to stop grieving overnight.

Tip #5 - Consider a Support Group

Last, you may want to consider a support group for those who have lost pets. If you are feeling very angry or you are dealing with depression as a result of pet loss, then a support group can be very helpful. Your support group will allow you to be with people who have also gone through this type of loss. With their support, you will be better able to cope with losing your pet.

Everyone has their own style of coping. Realize that this is a big loss. The grieving process will take time, but you need to be open about it. Allow others to help you, and look for ways that you can remember your pet in a special way as you work to get over this loss.

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