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  • Published September 26, 2010
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Reptiles are often kept as pets because they are quiet, do not provide any sort of bad smell or make much of a mess, and can be fairly easy to look after. Commonly people who keep reptiles as pets will have turtles, snakes, or other lizards. It is simple to purchase a reptile from your local pet store, or from a specialised breeder but when you do look to get such a pet you should make sure that you have provided in the right living conditions for them to stay in. As such, consider some of the following tips on caring for reptiles.

It will be very important for you to determine the appropriate lighting for the specific reptile that you have. Many reptiles will require ultra-violet light while others will not and therefore you need to know about this beforehand.

If you do not provide the right ultraviolet lighting to your repertoire than they can suffer from a weakening and softening of the bones and other types of metabolic disorders. When this happens there will be no visible sign to you that your reptile is in distress and often they can suffer from many years before finally dying. As such, you need to determine the right lighting for the correct reptile.

Providing the right heat source is another very important thing that you have to make sure of. It is important that any reptile enclosure has a warm and and a cold and so that your pet can have a variation to live in, and therefore you should provide a heat source at one end and make sure that this is placed outside the cage.

In addition to this the natural environment of the reptile should be mimicked as closely as possible with the enclosure that you create. Reptiles live in all sorts of different environmental conditions and therefore you should find out about what sort they live in before you try to create the relevant enclosure.

It is absolutely crucial that the size of the reptile is taken into account, and that the type of enclosure that you have is suited to the specific size and overall needs of the reptile that you have. In addition, no reptile cage or enclosure should be open and they should always be escape proof, particularly if you are keeping a dangerous or venomous pet. In addition, if you choose to keep reptiles within the same enclosure, never mix predators together.

You also need to work out what to feed the reptile and to know whether it is a herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore. It is absolutely crucial that you understand the reptiles dietary needs and that you know the pricing of the type of food you will have to purchase before you go out and consider getting your pet.

Keeping the enclosure clean will also be another important thing for you to do. Dirt and filth is likely to accumulate over time and so you should regularly remove your reptile from its enclosure, clean the enclosure, and then put the reptile back in.

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