How should you take care of bearded dragons?


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People who love reptiles, bearded dragons can be good choice for them to keep as pet. These little creatures are always fun to keep and they can prove to be very enjoyable company if you take care of them properly. You need to look after them properly before you choose to bring them in your home. If you wish to buy these little reptiles there are important steps that you need to follow in order to take care of them properly.

  1. The most important thing that you need to take care of is shedding of bearded dragon. It is very common thing that happens due to enlargement or growth so there is no need for you to panic or stress out when you see it happening. This whole process is important and it had to happen if your bearded dragon is a baby. If your reptile is a baby then there are many chances that they will shed a lot of times and this will tend to happen more in the first year as that is the time when their maximum growth happens. The frequency of its improvement depends on its growth rate and growth spurts.

  2. Another common sign and symptom of the initial shedding process of bearded dragon is the dull skin of the dragon. If you witness the dull skin of your dragon you don’t need to stress yourself. It is an important process of his growth.

  3. While the shedding process is on, you need to make sure that you keep on dragon hydrated all the time. In order to do this, you can give them regular baths that will make sure that shedding course will be done as quickly as possible.

  4. In the process of skin shedding, there are chances that your little reptile might tend to lose curiosity for eating and also it is possible that they will not eat anything at all. You need to feel panic for this as this is a natural process on which a lot of energy is used by dragon during the shedding process and therefore it causes them indigestion. For the proper growth of your dragon it is important that you get their misting and bathing done on regular basis.

  5. A lot of people freak out by seeing stuffed eye of their dragon while the shedding process, but you don’t need to panic as this is a common symptom that happens during shedding. There are chances that this might appear as weird and upsetting to some but you need to control yourself as this is important for their growth. This happens very frequently with beaded dragon as it helps them to enlarge the skin around eyes to loosen it. However, if you notice them doing it for long time there are chances that they might be suffering from blood pressure therefore you need to keep a check on them regularly.

  6. The shedding process of bearded dragons is in neat whole pieces. The whole process is neat which is so different than snakes that shed their skin in patches.

  7. While the shedding process, it is important for you to stand affirm and resist yourself from helping your dragon while they are losing their skin.

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