Get Acquainted With The Albino Leopard Gecko


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Get Acquainted With The Albino Leopard Gecko

New breeds of designer leopard geckos were introduced in 1991 where extraordinary patterns with incredible colors caught every pet lover's attention. These types of leopard geckos are leucistic, high yellows, and albinos.

The three types of albino leopard geckos were called the Rainwater, the Bell, and the Tremper. If you are planning to breed a Rainwater albino with a Bell or with a Tremper albino, the result will be a normal gecko, not the albino kind; this is mainly because of the recessive traits that exist in them.

The recessive traits of theirs are the result of gene's mutation that has affected the development of a leopard gecko. And because they were just discovered accidentally, coming across another recessive trait that the leopard geckos might have has a lower chance. For this kind of breeding, one will need luck. If you are an expert in albino leopard geckos, you can differentiate the three kinds of them right away, but if not, you will resort in guessing.

Of the three albinos leopard geckos, the Tremper are said to be most common and you can recognize it right away compared to the others. If you hear the term "Mocha strain pertaining to the leopard geckos, it is the same with the Tremper; the term is only used for marketing of the said gecko. But other leopard gecko of this kind has bright colors and others, pink. Not only this, their eyes differ from one another; from bright red to a normal non-albino. This is the effect of their incubation. If you or the breeders have chosen high temperature for the incubator, vivid or darker colors are the result.

The Rainwater albinos come next after the Tremper strain. Some said that Rainwater albinos have strains that are pinker, but it was proven that this is not true. The experts have agreed that the Bell breed proves to be the rare one. The Bell breed has high contrast because the pinkness is way much darker compared to the others.

And because the Bell albino has the reddest eyes, you can tell them apart right away. The young ones normally have the red eye color but it tends to change while growing up, but will stay red or pinkish when it matures.

A bright and dazzling light is a problem if you have the albino leopard geckos. If they are exposed to it, they shut their eyes. This is the reason why the albino leopard geckos rarely eat during daytime.

Having albino leopard geckos for a pet is becoming trendy nowadays because of their looks and the almost effortless work in caring for them. If you want to breed leopard geckos, there is a big chance that you will have a more beautiful and more distinct leopard geckos in terms of colors and patterns.

Noel Patterson is a leopard gecko expert. For more great information on leopard gecko, visit

Noel Patterson is a leopard gecko expert. For more great information on leopard gecko, visit

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