The Albino Leopard Gecko

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  • Published October 8, 2010
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The Albino Leopard Gecko

In 1991, a new variety of designer leopard geckos were first hatched; with remarkable patterns and magnificent colors that have caught attention and interests amongst pet lovers. These kinds of leopard geckos includes albinos, leucistic and in high yellows.

The albino leopard geckos have three types, i.e. Bell, Tremper, and Rainwater. When you are to breed a Rainwater albino with a Tremper albino or with a Bell, you will not get an albino gecko lizard but they will look normal because of their recessive traits.

These recessive traits are the outcome of mutations of genes that affects the leopard gecko's development. There is no other way on how to increase the chance of discovering another recessive trait from these leopard geckos because they were randomly discovered. Luck and coincidence is needed in this kind of breeding. Typically, knowing the difference between the three types of albino lizards are tough, unless, you are an expert, but if not, educated guess is what they have.

The most common is the Tremper strain and the first to be distinguished compared to the other albino strains amongst leopard geckos. Sometimes, the brown Tremper strain leopard gecko is promoted as the "Mocha strain". Other leopard geckos of this type are in pink and in bright colors. The colors of their eyes can also be different from one another because some have normal non-albino and looks lighter to bright red. The temperature when the eggs were first incubated can influence the outcome of their eye color and their body color. Darker colors are the result of high temperature of the incubator.

After the Tremper strain, the Rainwater albinos are the most common among three leopard gecko albino strains. One misconception about Rainwater Albinos is that their strain is pinker, but it was concluded that this is not true. The Bell strain is proven to be the one that is relatively rare. This type of leopard gecko has high contrast, the pinkness is darker compared to other leopard gecko variety.

The Bell albino can also be distinguished because they have the reddest eyes among the albino types. Commonly, the young ones have the red eye color but it will change to color beige when it matures but will be likely stay red or pinkish.

These three types of leopard geckos are very sensitive and vulnerable to bright lights. When they are exposed to bright lights, they will close their eyes so tight. That is why; most of the albino leopard geckos don't like eating during daytime.

A big chance for new breeds of leopard geckos will surely materialize for having a leopard geckos are becoming trendy and popular among pet lovers mainly for their appearance and because they are low maintenance. Breeding leopard geckos can result to a different variety in colors, in their patterns, and in their kind in a wide range of diversity.

Noel Patterson is a leopard gecko expert. For more great information on leopard gecko, visit

Noel Patterson is a leopard gecko expert. For more great information on leopard gecko, visit

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