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  • Published February 10, 2011
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A vivarium is an indoor enclosure that is employed for raising pet animals or even plants and they are ordinarily visible since they are made out of glass. If you plan to maintain a bearded dragon as a pet, you will have to create a vivarium which is ideal for the needs of which certain lizard. Listed here are the steps on how you can produce a bearded dragon vivarium.

The initial step in making a bearded dragon vivarium is acquiring the enclosure with the appropriate amount of size. For bearded dragons, it is suggested that you have a Breeder tank which is huge and contains a dimension of 36"x18"x16". While you may be questioning why will you need such a large vivarium for a bearded dragon, especially if it is only a baby, it is because they are terrestrial lizards which need room to run around and as a result the wide range of floor space is suggested.

Soon after establishing your enclosure, the next component that you'll need for your bearded dragon enclosure is the substrate that will work as the flooring. You could use newspapers, paper towels or even carpets as they can't be taken in by the bearded dragons. If you prefer a more natural feel to the vivarium, you can put play sand or calcium sand, despite the fact that it's not advised to put too much as it could trigger impacting when the bearded dragons ingest it. Woodchips and walnut shells must not be utilized because they have sharp edges which might be swallowed by your pet.

You will likewise have to put heating devices in your bearded dragon vivarium. It's because the natural habitat of bearded dragons in Australia are warm, dry places and they don't hibernate at all since they are in spots which are warm all year round. To get this done, you'll require a heating pad which needs to be placed directly under the vivarium. One more heating device which you will need is a heating lamp as bearded dragons desire to bask in sunlight during the day. You can make use of a UV lamp, a fluorescent lamp, or a incandescent lamp as they all emit heat.

Finally, you can provide the vivarium with logs or rocks, a trough for feeding, and a separate trough for water which needs to be large enough so that the lizard can in fact dip their body in them. It is likewise more advisable that you add logs than rocks because they keep heat better. Do not neglect to add a covering where the bearded dragon can hide and sleep.

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