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  • Published November 5, 2010
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Being able to continually develop interesting writing ideas is essential for anybody who is engaged in content marketing. However, even for an experienced and successful content developer, there are those times when their writing process stalls due to a lack of fresh ideas and/or inspiration. Writer's block as this 'condition' commonly referred to as, only becomes worse the longer it exists. When involved in a content marketing campaign, this interruption is not only frustrating, but it also affects your ability to earn an income as well. Quite often when this situation occurs, the solution can be found in simply gaining some type of separation from your work environment.

Here 3 reasons why leaving your work behind will actually help you to overcome the writer's block that is making your efforts ineffective and unproductive!

Space to Ponder

Getting away from the immediate surrounding environment, will give you some breathing room and a chance for your thoughts to 'settle' a bit. Make no mistake, there is a 'physical' association (in your mind) with your work environment and this interruption to the writing process. The longer your writer's block continues the stronger the association will become! Your first step is to 'break' the bond and gain some type of separation from your work space!

Lowers Stress Levels

Now that you have removed yourself from your work environment and everything that reminds you of it, the tension that you felt mounting within will tend to lessen. A more relaxed mind is able to function more optimally and creatively! Since you are currently not trying to force yourself to compose anything much pressure has now been lifted off of you that you did not even know existed. As thoughts begin to flow back through your mind it is much like oxygen being restored to a suffocating body. At this point your focus is no longer on what was stressing you and all your systems are beginning to revert back to normal.

Exposed to New Stimuli - New Environment

Even though the work environment can be conducive to productivity since it is set up to do so, it can also become somewhat stagnating. Having the same surroundings day in and day out does little to stimulate a mind that has grown 'overly' accustom to what it sees. An environmental change however generally introduces new stimuli that can successfully help to 'kick start' a mind frozen by writer's block. It actually takes very little to trigger new thoughts or ideas but your surrounding contribute greatly to this process!

Coming up with new writing ideas is essential for any content developer engaged in distributing information for promotional purposes. A marketing strategy like this requires a constant flow of new content into the marketplace for this technique to be successful. However when the writing process gets bogged down due to a lack of fresh ideas or inspiration, measures need to be taken to help overcome this situation. Remember, it is not only frustrating but it is also affecting the authors ability to earn an income, therefore the 'stakes' are even higher! One proven method for overcoming writer's block is to simply walk away from your work! In doing so, as discussed in the 3 explanations above, the separation you gain allows your mind to relax, and most importantly, once again tap into its ability to think creatively. As you know it is this ability that is so very much needed when engaged in any content marketing campaign.

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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