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  • Published January 1, 2011
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Content creation is the starting point for any online marketing strategy that circulates or otherwise utilizes information to advertise goods or services. When using content like this however there is a frequent need for new writing ideas and sometimes these are difficult to come by. When this occurs productivity falls off as frustration increases putting you on a collision course with writer's block. As most writers will tell you situations like these are not fertile ground for creative thinking due to the mounting pressure. The best course of action is to 'stockpile' writing ideas as they spontaneously come to you. In most cases that will not be when you are sitting at your keyboard trying to write but rather while you are 'killing time' elsewhere.

Here are 5 very opportune times when new writing ideas can hit you like a bolt of lightning so be prepared when they do.

Awaiting Appointment

Whether at a doctors office or perhaps standing in line at the grocery store your mind is for the most part relaxed and possible a little bored as well! This is a great time to generate new writing ideas since you are not under pressure and are in a new environment that can help stimulate your thinking.

Working Out

Working out, preferably on your own, gives you the ability to focus your thoughts and is the perfect opportunity to do so. It is a known fact that more oxygen rushes to your brain when exercising which obviously assists in the thinking process. When you can, try to allow for times when you are by yourself when exercising to make your workouts even more productive.


Pet exercise or perhaps simply taking a stroll to maintain good health gives your brain the chance display its awesome creativity abilities. This helps to naturally induce a more relaxed state of both body and mind and is very effective at helping you overcome writer's block. In most cases you are away from crowds which can be distracting, and therefore you are better able to focus.

Casual Conversation

Any type of social contact with family or friends present plenty of opportunities for new topics upon which you can base your next piece of content. Any comment, joke, question or action can easily stimulate a thought or idea with which you can use. Here too you are with people who tend to 'relax' you alleviating any pressures you may feel thereby boosting your creative abilities!

Simply Relaxing

As true as it is that we need to simply get away and relax from our work, when using content as much as you do, these relaxing moments can also be very productive as well. The common thread here, as in the 4 previous examples presented above, is your ability to 'relax' and try not to force creativity since that does not always work. Relaxation tends to put your mind at its creative best since distractions and pressure are normally minimized or eliminated!

Content creation involves plenty of creative thinking but sometimes our creativity tends to take a temporary leave of absence. As effective as using content as part of your online marketing strategy may be it can also be equally frustrating when you encounter writer's block. One way to avoid this however would be to develop the habit of catching and stockpiling writing ideas as they come to you in the moment. 5 very opportune times when your creative sparks may fly are identified and reviewed above. Occasions like these occur to everyone in some form or fashion, and just about everyday. In knowing this now all you need to do is be prepared and always have some way to record your thoughts so you can put them to better use.

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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