Automotive Warnings Signs And Tips To Prevent Them

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  • Published March 21, 2011
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Prevention is better than cure. Major automotive troubles do not happen overnight so there are ways by which we can avoid costly car repair and auto service. Before our engines break down, there are warning signs that we can observe if we are keen about it. If you experience on of these warning signs, then you will most likely find yourself in an auto repair shop transacting with an automotive mechanic.


If you are having a difficulty in steering your vehicle in a straight line, your front wheels are probably misaligned or your car's steering parts are all worn out. You need to replace these immediately to avoid major auto repair.


Vibrations beyond the normal range we experience when our car engines are running might lead to the loosening of important screws and automotive parts. If you observe this, consult with your mechanic so you can schedule a diagnostic asap.


There are three common problem with brakes that we experience as car owners. One is when the brake pedals sinks to the floor; two is when the car pulls to one side when we step on brakes; and three is when there is a scraping or grinding sound when we hit the brake pedal. Brakes are one of the automotive parts that ensure our safety on the road. If we observe these warning signs, do not hesitate and go to your automotive mechanic immediately.


If your car is hard to start, then you might be experiencing engine trouble. Troubles with car engines are also indicated when the check engine light is persistently coming on, you car is using more oil, the car engine continuously runs even after removing the key, if your car has poor acceleration, and if the car stalls or idles roughly. If these happens to your vehicle, go to an auto repair shop as soon as possible.


A delayed response when shifting from neutral gear to drive or reverse often signals the problem with transmission. Other warning signs that you should notice so that you can go to an auto repair shop for transmission service are if your car does not shift during regular acceleration, or if the engine speeds up but the car does not move or respond in any way.

The best way to deal with these warning signs aside from immediately going to an automotive mechanic is proper maintenance and car care. Change your oil regularly. Make sure that your tires are properly inflated. Maintain proper fluid levels. Do not forget to have your engine tuned and your engine belts inspected on a regular basis. Also, routinely check your batteries, battery cables and posts, windshield and its washer blades, and air filtration system to avoid auto AC repair. Washing your car regularly prevents build up of dirt that can cause damages to your vehicle. Lastly, find a great mechanic that will be of great help and assistance to you.

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