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  • Published March 29, 2011
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With the economic downturn that the whole country is facing, people are urged to be more wise in spending their money. People of Tampa, like the rest of the American citizens, should know how to budget properly.

So when choosing an auto repair shop within the area of Tampa, the first thing that every resident must think of is if the said auto repair shop is a one stop shop. It will work to everyone's advantage if we are to choose a full service auto repair shop that does auto services such as tune up, auto ac repair, repair and maintenance of brakes, and other services like tire sales and other tire services. It is better if your chosen auto repair shop is able to supply you with the best deals in town such as new tires, used tires, tire rims, and wheels for less than their original market price. But of course more than that, your chosen auto repair shop must be able to provide quality tire services such as tire mounting, wheel alignment, wheel balancing, tubeless valve maintenance and tire disposal, also for less than the usual market price.

Tires are most important safety mechanism of any vehicle. For one, tires are the things that are in close contact with the road. Secondly, the vehicle's engine as well as its brakes work directly on the tires. If the tire performance of any vehicle is very low, then the safety of the driver and passengers are on the line, not to mention very costly maintenance operations. Poor tire performance can result from improper tire selection, as well as improper handling of tires. This is why it is very important to get professional help in the selection of new tires and used tires as well as in performing tire services on any vehicle.

There is a well-known shop in Tampa that has catered to the needs of the wheel, tire, and automotive industry for over 40 years. Tires 4 Less, as it is called, is a complete source of high performance new tires and used tires. Aside from this, they offer various tire and wheel services. Here are the list of the basic tire services that Tires 4 Less offer with competitive rates:

  1. Tire mounting and balancing.

Proper mounting and balancing ensures that the tire bead fits perfectly to the wheel and that the weight of the vehicle is evenly distributed among the tires and wheel assembly.. It should be done with care and precision using specialized equipment and professional skills. If not done properly, tires and wheels will be unbalanced and will lead to the consumption of more gas.

  1. Wheel alignment.

Wheel alignment is done to ensure that each of the four wheels of the vehicle is pointing to the correct angle and direction. Misaligned wheels causes resistance among the wheels resulting in more rapid tread wear and higher gas mileage.

  1. Tire rotation. According to a schedule determined by a professional, the front and rear tires should be rotated. This is done to ensure even wear and tear among the tires.

  2. Maintenance operations. Regular check up of the tire's air pressure is essential. Underinflated or overinflated tires causes damages that when accumulate may result to costly repairs.

  3. Tire disposal. Tires are made from rubber. It is not environmentally safe to dispose tires in just anywhere. Normally, tires are disposed only by licensed scrap merchants.

Tires 4 Less

6306 N Nebraska Ave

Tampa, FL 33604

(813) 238-9791


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