Taking Steps to Get a Car Back on the Road After a Collision

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  • Published May 30, 2011
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Getting into an auto accident creates a host of tasks to keep up with until the matter is settled. From the moment the collision happens, the driver must take several steps to tend to injuries, vehicle damage and legal matters. The legal and physical matters require specialists, but so do any vehicles involved. If an accident occurs between two or more parties and no damage is done, the motorists may agree to go about their separate ways; otherwise, there are several tasks they may need to complete so that their vehicles will soon be back on the road in the same condition of use as they were before the accident.

One of the first tasks encountered is removing the vehicle from the scene. If it is drivable, this is usually no problem. If the vehicle is leaking fluids or the wheels are badly battered, the chances of driving the vehicle are slim. A wrecker can transport the vehicle to the owner’s home, auto body shop or collision repair center of choice.

While making arrangements, the vehicle owners will report the vehicle damage to the insurance company. This can result in a variety of procedures, depending on the circumstances. One request the insurance company may make is for the auto’s owner to take pictures of the damaged vehicles at the scene. If the person has already left the scene, they may take them as soon as is convenient. This will assist the insurance agent in understanding the scope of the accident and damage. The agent may come out to the vehicle to survey the damage in person and authorize repairs. This is sometimes done over the telephone, as well.

Next, the motorist should find a reliable collision center to do the repairs. The business should specialize in vehicle damage repair and restoration, inside and out.

Once the car owner has received an estimate and insurance approval, the company can do the work. If the insurance company does not authorize the work, the car owner can pay for it themselves instead. Most collision repair centers will take care of exterior car repairs, as well as problems under the hood.

One of the greatest concerns about vehicle repair is that once it has been fixed, the owner does not want people to know that their automobile has been in an accident. It is not only embarrassing, but may negatively affect the way other drivers behave around them. Having a quality repair job done may take a few days to a few weeks, depending on the extent of the damage.

If the car owner cannot be without transportation this long, a rental car can provide temporary service. A collision repair center may offer car rental while it repairs the automobile; otherwise, the vehicle’s owner will need to make their own arrangements or rely on other people for assistance. Once the vehicle is fixed, the motorist can get back on the road, business as usual.

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