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  • Published June 27, 2011
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Writing content to be used as part of a creative marketing strategy online can really help your business develop some deep roots. What makes this such an effective marketing strategy is that if you create reading material that can hold a readers interest it could circulate online indefinitely! How about that, for a one time effort you could enjoy 24/7 business exposure, brand reinforcement and even build your credibility! That some pretty effective marketing conducted in a very efficient manner if you ask me!

Here are 3 aspects you will want to address when developing content for use in this creative marketing approach to give it popularity and longevity!

Timeliness & Relevance

Any reading material you develop must contain a certain relevance of course to the interests of your target market. Additionally the topic you write about should be based upon something that reflects current trends or concerns. By doing so you therefore are offering up content that already has a proven and current popularity as oppose to trying to create the interest or fascination.

X Factor

News is news and people normally absorb it without much reaction. On the other hand by offering your insight or opinion you can 'stir' things up a bit since people are more likely to respond to others personal views than to news in general. This approach is much more engaging to readers and in most cases thought provoking as well! This approach proves to be effective marketing a business or product since your intention is to capture the interest of and even engage viewers! By sharing your comments, insight or opinions which are always uniquely your own, you have added the X factor which makes your content stand out!

Exchange Depot

Giving readers a platform where they can comment or exchange views is a great way to keep and increase their interest. The more one piece of content is debated or discussed the more new perspectives are presented thereby extending the usefulness and 'shelf' life of what you published! This can be accomplished through the use of a social network site, forum or blog allowing people the opportunity to 'mesh' out their own ideas and exchange thoughts with others! This is a very creative marketing approach to use and its brilliance is found in its simplicity!

Writing content to boost your exposure online is a very creative marketing technique that offers various benefits. The key is the reading material you develop must present a certain uniqueness and offer people a platform where they can discuss and 'process' what you wrote. The 3 aspects you always want to consider when developing anything for distribution online are reviewed above. With the proper preparation you should be able to easily create reading material others will hungrily devour. Following these 3 simple suggestions will help you get the most out of what can be a very effective marketing strategy!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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