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  • Published July 10, 2011
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Circulating attention getting content online is the whole point behind writing content in the first place. What the heck is the point of investing the effort if nobody notices or reads anything you publish online? What we are talking about here is creating interesting reading material that others will feel inclined to pass around to their friends and cohorts thereby causing it to go viral! Sometimes this is easier said than done however there are certain measures you can take when writing content to make it more viral.

Here are 3 simple rules to follow when composing anything you want to publish online that will increase the chances of it going viral.

Promote Nothing!

The fastest way to drive people away from anything you publish online is to litter your work with sales pitches and product hyping. If you do not believe me just try for yourself and see how quickly the reading material you circulated gets buried online. In fact making a habit of doing just that will give you a reputation you do not want dissuading people from viewing anything you write once they see your name as the author. Creating timeless and useful information is always the best start to giving it popularity potential!

Target Emotional Trigger Points

Whenever possible looks for ways to target the readers emotions by focusing on popular yet volatile issues! Giving people a subtle 'rub' when addressing subject matter that stirs 'passionate' reactions is a great way to get them fully involved in the reading material before them! It is suggested to take a counter stance to popular opinion but when doing so be sure to offer logical reasons as to why you feel the way you do.

'Entice' Emotional Interaction

Playing off the approach just discussed previously throw out open ended statements questioning the validity of popular opinions. Now you got people moderately 'riled' and fully engaged in what it is they are viewing and in most cases ready for more from the same author. Their response will generally range from disbelief to ridicule of your stance and will need to be validated by their peers. To do so however they will need to refer others to the reading material and at this point you have now gone viral! Yea for you, and thanks to them for helping to circulate your content online!

Creating attention getting reading material for circulation on the internet is the whole point behind this particular strategy since unread content is a monument to wasted effort! The key to increasing your chances of anything you publish online going viral can be found in the 3 simple rules reviewed above! It is important to remember when writing content people do not want to be sold but only to be spoken to and in an engaging manner. Of course it always helps that the reading material itself holds their interest but these 3 simple rules are a great start to at least capturing their attention and not driving them away!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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