How to Be Happy: The Truth Revealed


  • Author Kurt Arrow
  • Published August 27, 2011
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You are inherently stress-free and unconditionally happy. It’s always there. You don’t have to have pleasure of the senses to find it. It’s the TRUE YOU.

If you’re like most people, you’re always just beyond reach of true happiness. Always looking for answers. Always seeking ways of how

to be happy. Then, when you think you found the answer, and you’re happy for a while, it fades away. That’s what conditional happiness is.

Your searching is the very reason you’re not finding it. That’s because you’re going out from the current moment, the here and now. In the here and now, it’s pure blissful stress-free happiness. As soon as you look toward the future or think about the past, you enter the world of stress, anger, sadness and fear. I call this the FALSE YOU. It’s where most people are stuck. How about you?

It’s not your fault. We grow up, being taught that "Life’s full of ups and downs," "You can’t be happy all of the time," "Life’s like a roller coaster." But we get a lot of good advice like, "Don’t worry, be happy," "Accept it and move on." The truth is, you can be happy all of the time. Sure, there’s times when you are sad or angry. But you can control how long you want to feel that way.

Did you ever notice how happy you are, doing your favorite activities? It’s not so much the activity itself, but the mere fact that you’re doing it in the here and now. Stress is always the complete opposite of happiness so when you’re in that awesome state, your stress is non-existent. That’s what true happiness is.

After you stop your favorite activity, your happiness decreases. As happiness decreases, stress increases, maintaining it’s position as it’s opposite.

There’s four human emotions which are happy, mad, sad and fearful. Since "happy" is constant (the TRUE YOU) the other three are standing in your way of always being happy. Mad, sad and fearful (the FALSE YOU) is what we call stress. All stress is outside of the here and now.

You may feel stress in the current moment, but it’s the result of thinking of the past or future. For example: You’re angry about what Joe said behind your back. The anger wouldn’t exist anymore (in the current moment) if you stopped thinking about the past and what was already said.

When you get those kind of thoughts that take you away from the present moment, you simply let them go. When you let them go, stress drops and when stress is at it’s lowest, happiness maintains it’s complete opposite, at it’s peak. At first, people think they won’t have their pleasant memories from the past, or they won’t be able to dream or have goals about the future, if they let go of thoughts. That’s the FALSE YOU who thinks that. The truth is, your memory improves and your joy of living is multiplied a thousand times! You start enjoying even simple little things, without effort.

The TRUE YOU is unconditionally happy and stress-free. The truth, the answers, the beginning and end of time, are right here, right now.

Live in the here and now and let go of all thoughts. That’s the simple truth of how to be happy. It’s a beautiful thing.

I’ve spent 40 years suffering and searching through hundreds of books, articles, several religions, and two awakenings… only to discover how simple and right under my nose it was. And now I’m sharing it with the world, in a simple self-help program, that will help people live happily, RIGHT NOW, with immediate results. To view a large excerpt from my new book "the Gift of happiness," visit my website at today.

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