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  • Published December 2, 2011
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Safety comes first while driving in severe winter conditions and installing four winter tires that meet the "snow tire" designation on the vehicle will ensure control of the car in slippery conditions. Finding cheap tires St. Catherine’s, winter tires St. Catherine’s is easy because of the different options available. Wide, high performance tires, other than those that are specifically designed as snow tires, are not suitable for use on snow covered roads.

Installing four winter tires helps maintain control and stability of the vehicle in icy conditions because mixing tires with different tread patterns, internal construction, and size degrades the stability of the vehicle and should be avoided. As a tire wears, the snow traction is reduced and tires that are worn close to the tread-wear indicators have reduced traction and should not be used on the completely snow-covered roads or it may give rise to a lot of severe snow conditions such as skidding and accidents are often the result of using such tires. Proper air pressure extends tread life, improves safety, and reduces fuel consumption and tire pressure decreases as temperatures drop, so its ideal to check the pressures at least once a month when the tires are cold. Thus for a safer you and increase the life of your tread, make sure that you get your pressure checked at least once a month so that you get a better experience.

Winter tires marked with the pictograph of a peaked mountain with a snowflake meet specific snow-traction performance requirements and have been designed specifically for use in severe snow conditions and are a must when driving under such conditions. Lower temperatures also decrease the elasticity of the rubber compound in tires, resulting in reduced traction and when temperatures dip below 7 º C installing winter tires on all wheel positions will improve surface grip on every type of road condition.

Winter tires are engineered to provide optimum traction on snow and ice, maintaining their gripping power and elasticity in tough conditions and are the perfect winter weather substitute for all-season tires. While all-season tires tend to stiffen and lose their gripping efficiency at approximately 7º C, winter tires have a dual-polymer blend compound that keeps the tread pliable, with serious grip potential in temperatures as low as -35 º C. Winter tires also have V-Tread design that evacuates water for better handling on slush and Bubble Blade technology provides additional traction without compromising tread stability.

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