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  • Published December 24, 2011
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Stonehenge is one of the great wonders of Europe if not the world. You will find it on Salisbury Plain about two and a half hours drive south west from London. It isn't a place you should miss seeing on a trip to England.

It doesn't create an initial impact, in fact it almost looks like a few pillars remaining from a bombed building. The first thought you will have when you see Stonehenge is how miniature it looks, but get up close and you'll change your mind. When you see Stonehenge up close you'll realise the stones are in fact in some kind of order.

By the way don’t try to go Stonehenge at a weekend. Whatever you do don't try to visit at the summer solstice because it is more crowded then than at any other time. The best time to go to Stonehenge and avoid the crowds is either early morning or just before dusk.

There is no doubt that in terms of mysteries Stonehenge is up there as one of the biggest. It has puzzled people now for centuries. Stonehenge continues to puzzle and confuse experts the world over.

Who built Stonehenge is the question everyone wants answered. The answers are as crazy as King Arthur, to visitors from outer space. There isn't an answer to the question because there isn't anybody alive who knows.

When we take a closer look at what Stonehenge actually is, then it becomes obvious that the stones aren't placed randomly.The stones have actually lain there probably for over 4000 years.

What can be safely deduced is that this amazing group of rocks were arranged on purpose. It is also likely they were used for some kind of ceremonies or rituals involving the sun. Guesswork must play a large part here as there is no written evidence available.

What we can safely deduce is that the two massive stones with another laid across their top must have taken hundreds of men to get them there. It is possible they were hauled a long way, from even as far as An incredible feat when you consider what a long time ago it was built. The old theory of the Druids being the prime movers in the Stonehenge project has been disproved because they weren't around when the stones were quarried and dragged. This hasn’t stopped the Druids from taking over ownership to this day. The fact is that Stonehenge is over a thousand years older than the Druids.

You should take the time to check out the research on the construction of Stonehenge. The construction was to consist of three stages. Of the three stages only the first ever got completed.

Scientifically it can be shown that the Stonehenge stones have been aligned using engineering principles, mathematics, and astronomy. What is extraordinary is that there is no evidence to support anyone anywhere in Europe at that time who were advanced enough to do this.

Learned scientists have come to the conclusion that somehow or other Stonehenge was used in some way as a solar or lunar calendar. Whatever reason you go, you will have a feeling of wonder. You might just feel like someone has walked over your grave. Stonehenge at dawn on a misty autumn morning could just scare you a bit, but it will certainly leave you moved.

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