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  • Published April 8, 2012
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Having seen all the greatness and beauty present along the coast of Chile, it is only natural to want to stay in the Capital City of that wonderful land, Santiago. Budget hotels that will favor families are readily available for booking in Santiago. When visiting the mountain regions of the Andes, it is a good idea to visit Las Juntas Hotel in Santiago, Chile. It offers some of the best rates you will ever get. Imagine booking a hotel in a tourism destination for $56 a night for a dingle room! That is a lovely offer will see visitors enjoying more nights in Chile, surfing and skiing to the greatest degree as they revive lives and add to the zest of life. It is located along Austral road in Las Juntas region.

Another classy accommodation Hotel is to be found in the Valparaiso region. When you see the name Manoir Atkinson Hotel, you visualize the modernity of life in this great hotel that is yet to celebrate five years. You will be sure to have a treat that a 21st century resident deserves. It charges $150 for a double bed, a matrimonial Standard accommodation complete with breakfast. Options available in this case are such as Matrimonial room with a terrace which costs an extra 20 dollars a night, a total of 170 dollars. The costs are uniform whether in season or off season. Suites are available for 200 dollars but a large double room is available at $185. A family would have a perfect home away from home in such a hotel as the Manoir Atkinson in Santiago. The whole day spent walking on the sand and feeling the natural breeze will be completed in the cool nights warmed by some technological mechanisms that will absorb all the cold and keep visitors longing to extend their stay in Chile.

A pocket friendly three star hotel in Santiago that is one of a kind bears the name Plaza Punta Arenas Hotels. It is a great residence that runs all year round and offer great accommodation which includes bed and American Breakfast. It is best for large families that seek to enjoy life away as a unit. Imagine getting a triple room for the kids at $107! That makes parents feel compelled to plan a getaway for themselves and the children to change the routine and to the generosity and beauty of life. Large rooms availed include singles at only $63 and Doubles at 80 dollars. A single room and superior for those parents who have kids who still need attention in their sleep is available, going for $127. This is one of the best family destinations especially if they intend to stay for some days surveying the beauty if beaches and nature drives through the large tracks of land that are so rare in other parts of the world.

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