Edmonton Auto Detailing: How to Care for Leather

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  • Published April 19, 2012
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Edmonton Auto Detailing: How to Care for Leather

The surface of your car's interior is special. When it is leather it is very special. After all, who doesn't like the shine of new leather? Appropriate car care is extremely important is if you want to protect your leather interior. After all, who wants hard cracks in their leather? In this article you will receive good car care advice on what techniques you need to use to keep your leather interior at its best and what car care products you should use. As they say, a little auto detailing goes a long way.

You know you have seen what leather looks like if you do not properly maintain it very often. Two key ingredients in an auto detailing are always going to be time and effort. You need to be available to maintain your leather interior. Without these two key ingredients none of the following car care advice will amount to anything. So, make sure you keep up with the regular auto detailing of your car, and your leather will not only shine, but be free of dirt and oil.

In order to maintain your leather car interior you will need specific car care products, and not just any will do the job right. You absolutely must not use ordinary soap and water, no matter how tempting it may seem. You will just end up doing more harm than good if you were to do that. The first item you will need to purchase a bottle of petroleum and oil free leather cleaner. Remember, you want to remove built up oil, not add more to the leather interior of your car. The second item you will need to purchase is a bottle of leather conditioner that is water based. The third item you will need to purchase is a microfiber pad. Now that you have acquired your kit it would be best for you to try them out on a small unnoticeable area to make sure they do not stain or adversely affect the leather interior of your car. Please do not skip this step. The last thing you want is your leather to be two very different colors.

Now, before you do anything else, please make sure you vacuum your car out and get rid of any garbage lying around. You want to vacuum up as much of the debris as possible. If it all possible you should remove the seats in your car to have more access for cleaning them. If this is not feasible, than just do the best job you possibly can.

The next part of the job will be to apply the leather cleaner onto your leather interior with the microfiber pad. You do not want to scrub it in. Rather apply it gently at first. If necessary use an agitating motion over the stubborn spots. Now you need to rinse off your microfiber pad, and wipe the interior another time. After that you will need to dry it off with a microfiber towel. You are now ready to apply the leather conditioner in the same manner as you applied the cleaner. Depending on the interior you may want to apply the conditioner twice, but use your best judgment.

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Nurtaj Mostofa
Nurtaj Mostofa · 1 year ago
Indeed leather is very important, I also care about the leather while washing but you give me more useful tips, Thank you for that!