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  • Published May 22, 2012
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A tour to Cambodia is one decision you will always be proud of throughout your life. Cambodia's ancientness and depth in history is richly woven into the very tapestry of Cambodian landscape and life style. Traveling in Cambodia is like an appointment with the very past that has molded our present existence. The aroma of Cambodia's rich history lingers around Cambodia's modern beauty. Its evolving identity is as much a continuation of its rich cultural values as it is about Cambodia's urge to forge a distinct modern identity. Cambodia tour is much more than an excursion; it is a tribute to the precious existence of the planet’s tapestry of life.

Angkor Wat is the architectural manifestation of the very spirit of Cambodia; large, grand, unyielding and inviolable. The blows of mighty nature have neither been able to diminish its beauty nor dent its determination. The temple was built during the rule of Suryavarman II in the early 12th century and is believed to have been built to represent Mount Meru; the mythical abode of Hindu Gods. Angkor Wat is situated close to the city of Siem Reap, inside a larger area called Angkor Archeological Park. There are many temples spread in this large area of more than 350 square kilometers. Angkor Wat is the grandest and most breathtaking among these temples. The real enormity of Siem Reap to Angkor Wat can only be appreciated most when seen in the foreground of the rising sun. The temple reveals itself in full glory and majesty, with the sun acknowledging its grandeur by bestowing dawn’s most radiant light on Angkor Wat’s symbolic magnificence.

Many modes of transport are available to visit Angkor Wat, and the friendly looking tuk tuk is among them. It is the sweetest one, a symbol of the creative spirit of Cambodia. A motorcycle is attached to a decorative and comfortable trailer, supported on two wheels. It happens to be one of the most delightful rides one can ever hope for. Tuk tuks offer comfortable and environment friendly rides both in rain and sun. If the rains pay a visit roll down the covers of your tuk tuk, and roll up the covers to enjoy the refreshing breeze especially when the day gets hot. The licensed drivers speak good English, they can guide you properly and also narrate interesting anecdotes to tell your friends back home. Cambodia is not only about the places you visit, it is also about the places you see along the road, and the precious people who smile and wave to you through the open tuk tuk. Enjoyment of Cambodia takes a unique hue, once you are atop the friendly, safe and welcoming tuk tuk.

Cambodia tour does not stop at Angkor Wat. Limestone caves near Kampot, Phnom Penh city build by the French, and Preah Vihear Temple are among the many other tourist destinations to be visited in Cambodia. The beach buff can also find Sihanouk ville Beach for a soothing experience. Sihanouk ville is a port city with all modern amenities like star-rated hotels, a wide array of cuisines and a variety of bars. The richness and variety of Cambodian landscape is as unique as it is fulfilling. A tourist returns home with fond memories and a longing desire to come back again, and then again.

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