6 Ailments Common to Aging Dogs, How To Treat Them

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  • Published November 3, 2012
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We know how joyful it is to have a dog; they are man’s best friend and also the great home companion and protector. From the moment of their acquisition until they perish, their unprecedented service and dedication to their owners are unquestionable. Because of this, a bond is established between the pet and the master.

When your canine companion is still young, a puppy, you already indulge in taking it to the veterinarian; you bring it to a dog clinic for preventive and ailment treatments. Some enroll their dogs in dog training centers. The dog diseases and treatments are paramount aspects of taking a pet dog under your wings. They are like humans that need to be taken care of. But when these pets age, they become susceptible to old dog illness and they develop some kind of medical condition. These illnesses can be painful even lethargic on the part of your animal friend.

There are different available veterinarians as well as different treatments and medications for dogs. These treatments are instituted for different ailments. And aging canines have 6 common diseases for old dogs namely: constipation, arthritis, potassium deficiency, seizure, congestive heart failure and Cushing disease. Let us learn about these diseases one by one starting from the 3 common afflictions, constipation, arthritis and potassium deficiency.

Dogs, like humans can be afflicted with constipation, hard stool that can be treated with a kind of powder that can be given orally or mixed in the animal’s food. This medication is the hepatikin powder, a disaccharide sugar molecule that will add liquid to the dog’s colon. As the pet gets older, it is expected that it may suffer arthritis which is treatable with a Deramaxx chewable tablet. This is a drug that is non-steroid in nature and is anti-inflammatory. This medicine aims to alleviate the animal from pains. A third ailment is the potassium deficiency which can be treated by Rena Kare, a gel, powder or tablet supplement for the dog’s potassium deficiency. This supplement will help the animal to recover strength of its nerves and muscles.

Let us now look into the other three diseases such as seizure, congestive heart failure and Cushing’s disease. A common seizure problem of the dog is the idiopathic epilepsy. This can become aggravated to result to brain tumor, kidney failure and liver ailment. Several medications can be given in conjunction with levetiracetam tablets. The heart of the canine can deteriorate which can lead to congestive heart disease. Vetmedin is one kind of tablet that is used to treat the dog afflicted with this disease. Another sickness is tumor that results from the excessive hormones produced by the animal’s adrenal cortex. Lysodren is a tablet that will reduce the production of these hormones in the animals.

A dog can have long life but as it ages, it is inevitable that it gets sick with different diseases associated with a canine’s age. There are six common diseases and medications are available as treatment of each.

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