Conceiving a Baby Boy – Essential Facts You Need To Know

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  • Published March 25, 2013
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You don't need a medical expert and an array of scientific studies to discover how to conceive a baby boy. Many couples would like to find out how they can conceive a son. This interest about gender selection techniques is nothing new. Since ancient times, people have been always looking for ways to make sure they have the child of a particular gender.

On the other hand, others have become reactive towards this idea. They opt to merely acknowledge things as they occur. They no longer focus on any chance of having a baby of their preferred gender as long as they are able to conceive one and deliver to this world a completely healthy baby.

These days, there are different research studies that have been done for couples to have the capability to influence the gender of their baby. Outcomes of these studies have provided solutions to help prospective parents explore their capacity to make certain they will have a baby boy even before conception. Contemporary methods supported by science have developed ways to study the human sperm cell.

Science has been able to take apart the Y sperm and the X sperm. This process favors some couples' preference to have either a male or female offspring. Apart from methods for getting pregnant through the help of science, there are also natural means that have been proven effective for couples to determine ways of conceiving a baby boy.

Proper timing of sexual contact

It has been found that the timing of sexual contact can immensely affect how to conceive a baby boy or girl. Research outcomes have indicated that the X sperm are larger and cannot move fast. The X sperm is responsible for producing a female baby and it can tolerate an acidic environment up to five days.

On the other hand, the Y sperm responsible for producing a male baby is leaner, less heavy, and hence, can swim faster. However, it can only survive less than twenty-four hours within an acidic environment. Based on these facts, it can be assumed that there is a huge chance that a couple can conceive a baby boy by having sexual contact 24 hours before the moment a woman ovulates and not more than twelve hours after.

Frequency of sexual contact

Experts say sperm count is increased during the earlier part of the day. In terms of quality of the sperm, both lengthened abstinence and too much ejaculation have significant impact. Sexual contact every other day or three times a week can help to assure healthy sperm and favorable sperm count.

Bear in mind that if as a couple, it is both your desire to know the proper methods on how to conceive a baby boy, it is imperative that the man increase his sperm count. The more sperm count, the better are the chances of the sperm to reach and fertilize the egg. Following the processes of making a baby boy at the right time with the appropriate conditions, it can result to a very successful conception.

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