Why women use coupelle menstruelle(menstrual cup)?

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  • Published November 18, 2015
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Say no to tampons and pads when coupelle menstruelle is available. Buy coupelle menstruelle for several reasons like:

Menstrual cups are vagina friendly:

While there is an on-going debate about safety of the ingredients in pads and tampons, most of the coupe menstruelle france are made from medical grade silicone. Natural PH balance of vagina can be maintained without letting it dry with menstrual cup. Most of the cups that are found are BPA and latex free, both these makes vaginas happy.

You can keep them in all day or night:

Risk element is zero when it comes to TSS with the use of coupelle menstruelle that does not absorb blood but catches blood. It holds proper menstrual fluid in comparison with tampon or pad. A tampon usually absorbs 6-9 grams of fluid and the cup holds up to 25 grams.

Use it successfully for 12 hours. This makes it simple that you are on your period. Even on the heaviest days, after you master the right way of insertion, they are virtually leak-free and many people will require to empty it 2 times a day.

Environment friendly:

On an average a menstruator throws 250-300 pounds of tampons, pads, applicators and wrappers in their lifetime. Environment also gets affected with the bleaching process. Most of the cups are reusable for almost 10 years with right care, thus using one is just like hugging trees every time you have your period cycle.

You will save a lot of money:

Periods can get very much expensive. Most of the coupe menstruelle française will cost you $25 that will save to a lot of money which you would spend on tampons and sanitary pads over the year. Use same cup comfortably for the years. Easily you can continue with this process.

Travel lighter:

Travel tension free as you will not have tension of carrying tampons and pads. What would you do with the valuable space being taken up by the tampons and pads? One more pair of shoes? An extra book/magazine? Another back-up dress? There are endless possibilities.

No more trips to the medical store of pads or tampons:

Most of the coupe menstruelle France with their carrying bag, but in case you prefer an upgrade there are many options available. With such products you can find it easy to prepare yourself for menstrual cycle. Keep it easily in your bag. Avoid medical store trips with such products in your bag.

You may get more details about coupe menstruelle from this site.

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