Four Tips for Great One Night Stand Dating

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  • Published August 29, 2017
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One night stand dating can be great, especially when you want a relationship without all the strings that come with a normal relationship. Casual sex comes with many benefits including higher life satisfaction and self-esteem. Many times, I can also help reduce anxiety and depression. There are very few rules for one night stand dating, but here four good tips to help your casual dating.

  1. Check Yourself

Tom Hanks in ‘A League of Their Own’ said that there is no crying in baseball. This sentiment also applies to casual dating, so this being said you should leave your emotions out of it. A one night stand is just that one night. Even when you are one night stand dating, you should still leave it in the bedroom. Leaving your emotions out of it means that you should invest as little as you can in the relationship. Sex does not need to mean something. It can, but it should not when you are having a one night stand.

  1. Mind Your Manners

While you are not having tea with the queen, it does not mean that you can leave your manners at the door. Remembering the Golden Rule of do unto others as you would like them unto you, can help you go far when you are one night stand dating. You should keep the conversation light, and avoid mentioning politics, exes and your family members. In the morning, a small breakfast and a cup of coffee or tea is nice. A small comment about the night is also recommended, especially if you are planning to hook up with that person again.

  1. Avoid Being Wasted

When you are having a one night stand, you should try to avoiding being wasted. Anyone who is experienced in casual sex will tell you if you cannot remember what happened, it does not count. Also, being wasted can make you really bad at sex, so your partner may not enjoy you being drunk. If you want to drink before having a one night stand, you should know how much you can drink before you are too drunk to have sex.

  1. Keep It Wrapped

Manners are important, but you should also make sure that you remember condoms and other protection. This is very important, especially when you are hooking up with people who you have just met or people who you are casually dating. These items can help protect you against STIs and having unwanted kids. Condoms do not protect against everything, which is why it is recommended that you have other protection available. If you are worried that one of your partners had a STI, you should be tested for STIs to make sure that you are safe.

One night stand dating has far fewer rules than other types of dating do. However, the lack of openness that many people have about their casual dating makes it hard to find tips that will help you when you are just starting out. When you start out one night stand dating, you should make it plainly clear what you are looking for.

Shawn Yale, a sex coach, dating coach and an expert in online dating.

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