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Part of owning a car is acquiring one’s repair manual. Repair manuals are instructions that may come in books, audios or software.

They allow the benefit of giving first-time fixes to cars before bringing them to auto repair shops.

Repair manuals are best for car owners who would like to save time and money. They provide the benefit of giving instructions to fix parts and accessories including tips for better performance of the automobile.

There are times that repair shops are unable to meet the standards of car owners and they do not put all their best in fixing the cars. That is because everything is on a paid basis.

Car owners pay thousands of dollars just by having their cars checked and maintained by auto repair shops. It would be a wise deal to acquire their repair manuals.

There are many repair manuals sold in the market today. They may come in various packages that may suit the needs of car owners. However, prices may also vary depending on the content of the manual and the name it carries. These manuals may be sold in the market, and some may be downloaded free from the Internet.

Now, Auto Mobile Decor expert Mr. Ahad Anwar is presenting some of the many automotive repair manuals that are sold in the market today.

Haynes Manuals-

The Haynes Auto Repair Manuals are one of the most popular car repair manuals sold in the car market. All the manuals provide instructions on how to perform routine maintenance on cars.

They also provide information on how to restore and maintain cars and even motorcycles. The manuals are usually on do-it-yourself themes, which make them bestsellers. These manuals also provide pictures to allow user follow instructions easily on a systematic basis.

Vauxhall Nova-

The Vauxhall Nova is one of the series published by Porter Publishing. The repair manual provides general automotive repair instructions to car users.

One advantage it provides is that it offers specific repair instructions based on the models of the car. The users will only need to choose repair instructions that apply to their cars.

Chilton’s Repair and Tune-Up Guide-

The Chilton’s Repair and Tune-Up Guide is an easy manual and does not take a person to be technically trained to understand the instructions. All instructions are delivered on a do-it-yourself theme that is why many car owners buy this manual.

Vauxhall Cavalier-

The Vauxhall Cavalier is available in paperback and hardbound. Car owners may also acquire the audio version of this manual. This makes it easier for car owners to follow tune-up instructions and repair steps.

The Vauxhall Cavalier is an all time favorite for car owners in the United Kingdom and North America.

Saab 900-

The Saab 900 Car Manual covers car maintenance and repair steps. Users of the manual will be able to perform the procedures even with limited tools and equipment. It also comes with pictures so that readers can follow easily.

It is still recommended that car owners make a research on the auto repair manual that they would like to buy. It is best to choose manuals that can offer steps that are easy to understand and would not need many tools and repair equipment.

Before buying car manual, users are advised to check if the instructions apply to the model of their cars.

Ahad Anwar is an Automobile decoration expert. He loves to share his experiences, stories and guide about car decoration and its parts ti his blog Auto Mobile Decor. If you have time then read his recent article about Yada Backup Camera Review and its using.

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