Are planets boring, if Daisy Ridley can't be egotistical when having sex?

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  • Author Thomas H Cullen
  • Published June 2, 2018
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Daisy Ridley is a living being. Planets are the same. With egotism and sex not being living beings, it means that between the four components there is already a 50/50 split.

Since planets can’t interact but Daisy Ridley can, Ridley can also be split from planets; planets are X, Ridley is Y.

X is identical to sex and egotism. Thus, sex and egotism are X +. X is 1. X + is 2 – X + is X + + X +.

As it seems a bit too convoluted, X + + X + needs to be changed into something else: let’s make it into X + 1 and X + 2 – or better yet, 1 X + and 2 X +.

So as things stand: Y, X, 1 X + and 2 X +, in which Y and X are on the same side and 1 X + and 2 X + occupy the opposite side.

Y can manipulate X, 1 X + and 2 X +. X can’t manipulate anything, and 1 X + and 2 X + can’t manipulate anything either – in effect, Y is superior, and the other three components are all inferior.

Because superior and inferior shouldn’t be replicated terms – they should each only be possessed once – inferior needs to be given to planets. The reason being that since 1 X + and 2 X + are replicants of each other, it wouldn’t be physically possible to give either the nature of inferior without having to give it to the other.

So with Daisy Ridley now being superior, planets being inferior, where does that leave sex and egotism? Neither can be the same identity.

I suppose a fair way to proceed would be to say that sex and egotism are both the inability to judge and the ability to judge – thus, Daisy Ridley is superior, planets are inferior, and sex and egotism are the two aspects that have the ability to be absent and present because of the difference between Ridley and planets.

In normal terms, egotism is superior to sex because whereas sex always involves an element of egotism, egotism can have nothing to do with sex (you can feel perfectly free to disagree however); in this case however, egotism can’t be superior to sex because that violates Daisy Ridley’s ability to be superior.

For planets to be inferior – and therefore boring – Daisy Ridley needs to be in a position where she can have sex without the ability to be egotistical.

I don't know about you, but I find that idea in and of itself far more interesting and far more useful to the human condition than anything to do with Star Wars

Not a fan of Star Wars, but don't mind talking about it in great detail

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Thomas H Cullen
Thomas H Cullen · 1 year ago
Though meant to be innocent, I've come to regret having written this article

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