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Every organization undertakes a network assessment at some stage of the organizational cycle.

Whether it is at the beginning of the business to assess network needs or after major transitions in businesses processes to ensure that network is in accordance to the latest policies and procedures, a network assessment is a mandatory part of the today’s digital and hybrid businesses.

Not only a network assessment provides an overview of the current state of the network, but it sets the tone for your future network capabilities.

It is also important to note that network assessment is not the same for every organization.

Just like network infrastructure is different in every organization depending on the requirements, scope, and size, the network assessment is also different for every organization tied to its larger connectivity goals.

However, every network assessment must include the following six things to be complete and cater the network assessment goals.

1-Test Network Inventory

A network assessment is incomplete without the network inventory.

A network inventory indicates the devices that are running on the network. It includes everything from routers, laptops, desktops, VOIP phones to smartphones.

Every device that is connected to the network becomes its part. So, testing the network inventory is important to identify all devices and list them.

2- Analysis of Network Inventory

Network assessment is not over with preparing the network inventory. In fact, network assessment also includes analysis of network inventory.

The network assessment services analyze and test all the devices and software to ensure that these are running properly without interruptions.

It examines the out of order and broken devices and checks software for outdated versions. The analysis helps to find out the problems in the network and the devices that are responsible to cause those problems.

3-Performance Review

Most of the network assessments are initiated due to performance issues.

If there are a lot of technical glitches or if you have been facing downtime frequently, the performance review becomes necessary.

A performance review is an essential part of network assessment and it sheds light on the network problems related to capacity and management.

For example, performance review helps in identifying bottlenecks in the network that slow down connectivity.

It can also identify the issues in capacity, for example, weak signals, signals dropping due to the placement of router and many others.

4- Review of Network Infrastructure

Another important part of the network assessment is the review of network infrastructure.

When you ask for the services of a network assessment company, you should ask them to review the network infrastructure.

Examining and analyzing the overall network infrastructure helps to pinpoint the fault and eliminate points of a fault such as signal failures.

Therefore, network infrastructure review plays a crucial role in streamlining the network.

5- Review Security

Security is one of the major concerns for every organization. Therefore, the network assessment plays a significant role in ensuring that the network security is up to the mark.

It identifies gaps in security and risk management such as outdated firewall, obsolete network policies etc. It helps to address security loopholes and keep all the data secure.

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