How Do I Know If I Have Herpes?

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There are many types of sexually transmitted diseases or infections, but herpes is without a doubt one of the most popular. This can be blamed on the fact that most people who have herpes rarely show any signs and symptoms. As a result, they can continue spreading the disease to their sexual partners with no complaints or knowledge of what they are doing. What makes things worse is the fact that some of the signs and symptoms of herpes can easily be confused with other medical conditions. For instance, some people often confuse the disease with the flu, pimples or ingrown hair. In addition to that, the symptoms often come and go away, but the infection stays in your body for life.

How to Know You Have Herpes

Once you are infected with herpes, you may not show any signs or symptoms, and the symptoms will disappear and come back after some time. This will make it difficult for you to know if you have the STI, so how do you know whether or not you have herpes? Well, the surest way is to get tested.

Ideally, you should get tested annually for STDs. When you find a new sexual partner, the two of you should get tested to ensure you are both free of these infections. Meanwhile, you should use male latex condoms to ensure you do not contract or spread the STI. If you notice some signs and symptoms that you suspect are caused by an STD, you should get tested.

There are two ways to test for STDs. First, you can go to a private medical facility and have your blood tested. However, this option does not offer much in terms of privacy. The best option is to order a home test kit for herpes. Be sure to visit to get additional information about at home herpes test kits. With these kits, you can test for herpes in the comfort and privacy of your home. If you test positive, you can seek urgent medical attention. Since self-medication is ill-advised by medical experts, you will need to visit a local medical facility for a second opinion and treatment in case you are found to have herpes. If you do not test positive for herpes, you should continue practicing responsible sex.

How Herpes Home Test Kits Work

Herpes testing is usually done on urine or vaginal discharge. This means that you do not need to prick yourself to get a blood sample. A simple urine sample or vaginal swab will provide sufficient sample for testing. This means that virtually anyone can extract a sample and test it for the herpes simplex virus. Most test kits are highly accurate and boast a specificity and sensitivity of over 99%. This means that the results you get are credible. However, if you are in doubt, you can always seek a second opinion.

When you buy a herpes test kit online, the kit will be mailed with free 2-way shipping. The kit will most likely include;

  • Postage paid envelope for sending the sample back to the lab

  • Usage instructions

  • Urine/vaginal swab collection kit

  • Phone number in case you want to consult an expert before or after the test

Once you have collected the sample and mailed it back to the lab, experienced lab technicians will analyze the sample and send you the test results. In case you test positive, the technicians will include the contact details of a competent medical practitioner that you can consult or get medical attention from. The best thing about home test kits is that they are highly reliable and offer a great deal of privacy.

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