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Want to try Nuru massage? Do not worry, read on to find out what this massage is and how it is going to help you before you appoint your first session with an attractive and seductive masseuse.

One of the important things that you need to understand that is Nuru massage is highly erotic and sexual. Originated in Japan, the massage involves a naked masseuse using her body to massage her client. Using her boobs, booty and other parts of her body as massage tools, the therapist slides over the client’s body, giving him an ecstatic ending. Surprisingly, nowadays, this massage has become extremely popular amongst men who are unhappy with their sex lives and want to explore something new and adventurous. However, this massage is now available worldwide and has gained huge popularity in London.

About the Nuru massage therapy

This is not a typical erotic massage where a masseuse uses her hands to massage the erogenous parts of the body. The therapist uses her fully nude body to create different sensations. Instead of regular oils and gels, a seaweed-based gel is used that is extremely slippery in nature, helping the masseuse to glide over her client’s naked body. Before pouring it over the client, she will mix the gel with the right amount of warm water to make the liquid dense.

What happens during the session?

The massage starts with a steamy shower. This not only cleanses the body, but also makes your skin softer so that the gel works perfectly on the body and penetrates the skin. Different scrubbers like, jasmine, coconut and lavender are also used due to their relaxation properties. During the therapy of Nuru massage in Baker Street, she uses different body movements and strokes to an individual reach an utmost state of sensual arousal. This category of massage is much wetter and slimier, taking you to another world where you are going to feel the sultry masseuse’s breasts, legs, booty and legs gliding all over your body.

The health benefits you are going to revel in

Nuru sounds to be a more pleasurable experience than a therapeutic one. It is a new kind of foreplay that helps you with different health conditions like, anxiety and stress. When you experience an orgasm, feel-good hormones are released in your body, enhancing your mood. The endorphins release lowers the body’s cortisol levels, which improves the immunity of the body. Nuru massage is one of the best sensual and sexual massages that lifts your mood along with intense arousal. Apart from enhancing mood, this category of massage is good for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, performance anxiety and more. Check out the other benefits that you can relish.

Relaxed muscles- The skin-to-skin contact gives a wonderful feeling, relaxing your muscles from head to toe. This massage is ideal for alleviating pain from sore muscles. You will be guided by a trained and skilled therapist who will leave you revitalised and refreshed after the therapy.

Supple skin- The gel used for the massage moisturises your skin. It is completely transparent, odourless, non-toxic and leaves no stain. It consists of Nori seaweed extracts along with other botanical extracts that are good for the skin.

Eliminate toxins- The techniques used in this massage releases toxins from the body. It is suggested that you drink lots of fluids.

Spices up your life- No matter what your relationship status is, you engage yourself in an intensely pleasurable and sexual activity. A session of Nuru massage can spice up your life without indulging you to have intercourse with a stranger or an escort. With the help of body-to-body contact, you experience new states of orgasms and intimacy and get to explore various sensations.

These are a few interesting points and health benefits associated with Nuru massage. If you are planning to take one, book a session of Nuru massage in Baker Street and revel in extreme sexual pleasure.

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