Tantric Massage: How it is done?

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The best way to alleviate your muscles pain and improve the flow of blood in the body is by taking a massage. Do you know that massage helps you to get sexually aroused? Tantric massage is one such massage that satisfies men to a great extent. When you appoint a session, you will be assisted by a hot tantric masseuse who will set the ambience by lighting candles and playing soft music. She makes sure that you become comfortable before the massage begins and you become naked. Read on to know what a therapist does whilst offering Bayswater tantric massage services.

It begins with the back

The masseuse starts the session by pouring oil all over the client’s body. She rubs the oil and glides her hand to the neck, shoulders, waist and buttocks. This is actually a good warm-up for the body, releases all the knots and tensions from the muscles. She prepares the body before arousing him sexually.

Erotic hand slides ups the mood

She keeps her hands parallel to each other and glides them all over the body. Special focus is given on lower back and upper back muscles and buttocks, relaxing them to the core. Besides rubbing the neck and shoulder muscles, she gives a powerful rubdown to the arms and massaging the fingertips. These are the areas that need more rubbing and kneading to ease up the muscles and alleviate pain. The motions are repeated for a few times till you enter into a world full of relaxation. However, a client can tell her if he wants hard or gentle strokes.

Brings a slight change in the technique with stretching

After a rigorous rubdown and slides, she will come up with a new variation. She pulls both hands over the spine, which looks quite similar to stretching. The hands are gently pulled up straight and sidewise, unwinding the muscles of the shoulder and arms.

Uses finger and thumbs to knead the muscles

The sexy masseuse will use her fingers and thumbs and squeeze the muscles in a flowing motion. Kneading is required in the fleshy parts of the body like, butt muscles, lower and upper back and shoulder muscles. As these muscles need more pressure, the masseuse will focus on one area first before moving to another area. For instance, she will first knead the shoulder muscles, loosening it and then moves to the lower back. The overall sensation will be quite exciting as she will be pressing the muscles with alternative harder and gentle pressure.

Feather strokes caresses the body

Feather strokes give a highly erotic and sensual feeling. She starts caressing the back, arms and shoulders with her fingertips before moving down to your thighs. During feather strokes, the masseuse uses fluid and circular motions. By exerting tickly strokes, she creates different sensations in the body, taking her client to a trance-like state.

Hand slides in thighs and feet

When it comes to thigh and foot massage, she begins it with vigorous hand slides, followed by kneading. The thigh and calf muscles need special attention. Feet are considered as one of the major erogenous zones, hence, she focuses on it in the last. Once kneading is done on the calf and thigh muscles, the gorgeous tantric masseuse moves to your feet. She uses her palm to massage the ankle, heel and the toes. She slithers her fingers between each toe and rotates it clockwise and anticlockwise, finally giving a gentle pull.

Ends with chest and abdomen massage

When she will turn her client over, he will probably have a smile on his face. Now, she will pay attention to his chest and abdomen muscles. She slides her hands on top of the belly button and around the nipples to further arouse him. The experience turns pleasurable when she applies harder strokes on chest muscles, followed by feather strokes.

This is what one is going to experience when he books Bayswater tantric massage services. Are you looking forward to experiencing this? Appoint it without much hesitation.

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