What are the Techniques of Sensual Tantric Massage?

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Tantric massage involves massaging the erogenous parts of the body, evoking the sexual energy in you. The goal of this massage is to offer an ecstatic pleasure to the receiver, satisfying the individual mentally and physically. The massage has different techniques. It is a combination of deep relaxation therapy and rediscovery of sensual emotions. Take a look below how sensual tantric massage in London is performed by a therapist.

Preparing the session

Before the session, it is important that you be clear about physical boundaries like, what you want, which parts can be touched, what is allowed and what is not. The therapy starts by greeting the receiver and focussing on his/her wishes.

Forming a connection

You need to connect with the heart first, therefore, a heart meditation is done for 2-3 minutes. After laying you down, the therapist makes a physical connection with you by placing her hand on your heart and concentrates on what you need. She starts caressing the entire body by applying long strokes. Warm essential oil is poured to relax the muscles and smoothen the process. Tapping, rubbing and kneading are used to relax the neck, shoulder, back muscles and other tense areas of the body. She starts the massage with the back.

Triggering the heart chakra energy

It is vital to make a connection with the heart chakra. The therapist starts breathing by placing her hand on your heart and gently rubbing her fingers on the middle of the chest, trying to form a connection. She does not ignore the stress spots of the body, especially the shoulder and neck muscles. Whilst giving long strokes all over the body, she also pays attention to cold spots, such as the stomach.

Triggering the sex chakra energy

There are many ways to activate sexual energy, and tantric is by far the best way to activate this. With firm strokes, she massages the sacrum until it becomes hot. The connection between heart and sex is limited because the energies are not awakened. Therefore, the therapist pays attention to the flow of energy from sex to heart and the other way round. In men, leading the sexual energy to the heart re-establishes the connection. Slowly and steadily she uses her both hands to move the energy through the spine, and dynamically up, down and beside the spine area.

Discovering erogenous zones

A human body has plenty of erogenous spots. The massage therapist discovers what you like and what excites you. Apart from genitals, she focuses on knees, ankles, feet, knee cavities, armpits, sides of the body, elbows, neck and ears. Body to body massage is a nice technique for tantra. Using forearms to massage the upper parts of the body can be very relaxing. Things turn exciting when she places her breasts, hair and other body parts over the receiver’s body. Deep breathing and making sexy sounds can further heighten the state of the receiver’s excitement. Energy needs to be spread to the entire body from the upper extremities to the lower end. She uses subtle and loving touch and firm and long strokes to make the experience pleasurable.

Opening the body with lingam/prostate massage

The genitals are the locations where a lot of energy, tension and pain is restored. When your heart opens, it allows your choosen masseuse to proceed with prostate or lingam massage. A sensual tantric massage does not aim only at penis or anus, it concentrates on the overall body. She makes sure that your body and mind become comfortable after a number of firm and gentle strokes. Once you have opened up and let go of your inhibition, she massages your penis and prostate, arousing you and letting you experience orgasm. You need to surrender yourself to the therapist so that you enter a euphoric state. The session ends with deep relaxation and satisfaction.

A tantric sensual massage gives an intense experience. To venture this, book a session in London.

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