What Do You Need to Know About Tantric Massage?

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With stress being a common problem today, the popularity of relaxing massages has grown exponentially. Not just stress, but massage helps in dealing with anxiety, heart disorders, headaches and sometimes, sexual issues. There are various types of massages, but the most relaxing of them all is considered to be tantric massage.

Even though tantric massage is a full body rubdown therapy, most people think it is only concerned with sexual gratification. In fact, it is so much more. This bodywork originated thousands of years ago in the Indian subcontinent. It is only recently that this rubdown therapy became a go-to solution for relaxing in London. This massage aims at providing physical, mental, emotional and sensual relaxation. The techniques applied are erotic in nature and the therapists do not stop at just touching the recipient’s upper and lower body. During the session, the therapist touches the receiver’s delicate, intimate parts with the aim of releasing sexual tension.

What is the ancient tradition of tantric massage?

According to ancient tantra, it is believed that the human body consists of various circulatory channels, which need to be massaged for better circulation of the fluids in the body. This includes hormones, blood, nerve signals and sweat. When someone receives a tantric massage, all the channels are opened and provide relief from tension and pollutants. As your body receives a healthy amount of oxygenated blood circulation, the skin glands get rid of congestion. This has a good effect on rejuvenating your sexual energy and strengthening your sensual perception.

Since the massage involves caressing and rubbing delicate parts in varying degrees of pressure, it leads to awakening the dormant sexual and kundalini energy. This helps to add spice to one’s sexual life. As breathing techniques also play a vital role in this bodywork, it teaches the recipient how to control his breathing and makes him capable of holding an orgasm for longer than usual. So, if your partner was complaining about your performance in bed, tantric massage is the solution.

However, tantric rubdown is not just for sensual fulfilment. It is about enhancing one’s overall well-being and health. A good tantric therapy is both sensual and therapeutic. This bodywork shows how using hands can bring immense pleasure to a person, without the coldness of conventional therapies and the need to have sex.

What is essential for a good tantric massage session?

A romantic, comfortable ambience where the recipient will immediately feel relaxed. This is why tantric masseuses emphasise on creating the right environment by using dim lighting, soothing music and scented candles. This ensures that the massage session transcendents beyond just the massage and becomes an experience that appeals to all the senses.

The use of aromatic and therapeutic lotions and oils. This will make sure that when therapists are taking their hands and caressing your entire body, there is minimal to zero friction.

The company of an experienced therapist who is trained in the art of tantric massage. This is probably one of the most important elements of a good tantric rubdown session. You need to only hire someone who is an expert of this craft and can take you to a different dimension of pleasure using her hands.

All the elements work together for a memorable tantric massage experience. It can revitalise you from within and help boost your sexual performance by clearing sexual tensions.

So, if you are craving for relaxation and intimacy, avail tantric massage service in London. You will find agencies offering both incall and outcall rubdown therapy services at competitive rates.

Make sure that the agency is reputed and guarantees to take care of your private information. The next step is to go through the agency’s gallery and choose the masseuse that appeals to you and makes you go weak in the knees. Look forward to having a great time.

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