What is the Difference Between Body to Body and Nuru Massage?

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Asia is renowned for a number of things like, its creativity, work ethics, technological advances and crazy fashion sense. But, one thing that nobody talks about is Asia’s sexual attitude and the general attitude that the continent has towards sex. As a matter of fact, Asia is responsible for the birth of erotic, exotic massage therapies that provide complete physical, mental and sexual pleasure. Body to body and Nuru massages are two such Asian erotic massage therapies that have grown in popularity and thoroughly enjoyed by people in London and other parts of the world.

Both body to body and Nuru massage are therapies that are known for their intimate nature. These massage therapies are memorable as they are given and received completely naked. Here, the masseuse not only uses her hands, but her entire body. The recipient can feel the feminine curves pressing against his skin. This is what makes these two therapies a highly sought-after and enjoyable experience.

Main difference between body to body and Nuru rubdown

Even though both body to body and Nuru massages involve skin-to-skin contact and the therapists use their entire bodies to massage the recipient, there are slight differences.

Nuru massage is a specific type of massage that originated in Japan and it makes use of a special gel made of nori seaweed. This gel is known as Nuru gel and it is specific to Nuru massage. The gel is tasteless, odourless, colourless and it does not stain. Also, the gel is extremely slippery and makes it easier for the masseuse to smoothly slide and glide across the body of the recipient.

On the other hand, body to body massage makes use of massage oils. These oils might be slippery, but not as much as a Nuru gel. Therapists are not able to smoothly slide their bodies as they do during a Nuru rubdown. However, masseuses can stroke, grind and rub during a body to body massage in Knightsbridge. With the absence of a slippery gel, friction is created between the two naked bodies and a lot of people seem to enjoy that.

Another difference is that recipients are asked to step into a hot shower with the therapist. This is because the Nuru gel is best applied when mixed with warm water. Also, warm water helps to soften the skin so that the Nuru gel is readily absorbed. As for a body to body massage, you might not be invited to share a steamy shower with your chosen therapist.

The sensations

Body to body and Nuru massages make use of myriad grinding, rubbing, pressing and stroking motions. The feeling of a well-shaped, gorgeous woman’s body rubbing against the naked skin feels amazing. Recipients get to enjoy the warmth and feel all the edges and curves. This is what makes both the massage therapies so unique and popular. They take sensual massage to another level.

As for the difference in sensations, the use of Nuru gel allows for minimum friction during a Nuru massage session. Therapists are able to easily slide up and down the recipient’s body. However, owing to the slipperiness, there is little body control. But, body to body massage has the perfect amount of friction. When the friction gets too much, the therapist makes use of massage oils or moisturisers. This helps to soften the friction and take the receiver on a beautiful journey of intimacy.

When it comes to body to body and Nuru massages, there is no question of which is better. Both of these therapies are super intimate, steamy and erotic. It depends on what mood you are in. If you are tired of getting the same old traditional massage and want to switch things up, you can go for either body to body or Nuru. However, if you have already tried a body to body massage in Knightsbridge and want spicier experiences, a Nuru massage is the obvious choice.

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