Control Premature Ejaculation through Tantric Massage

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  • Published October 26, 2019
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Premature ejaculation is a sexual problem that affects the lives of many men. The inability to control ejaculation leads to men becoming frustrated and depressed. The ordeal can be too much to handle. A lot of men start to question their masculinity and they feel worthless as they are not able to spend enough time with their partner in bed. The problem with this sexual problem is that there is never one reason. There are several different reasons why one might suffer from premature ejaculation including anxiety, depression, psychological factors, stress or hormonal issues. If you are struggling with the problem of ejaculating when you do not want to, you might find solace in tantric massage.

Tantric massage is a massage technique that has been in practice for thousands of years and today, there are many tantra massage agencies in London. This rubdown therapy is believed to have helped many men overcome premature ejaculation. Keep reading to find out how regularly getting tantric massage can improve your sexual performance.

Tantric massage helps in relaxing

One of the main reasons why you might fail to perform your best might be stress. You might have a lot of thoughts going on in your head. Unless you are able to quieten the voices in your head, you will have a hard time being in the moment and spending quality time with your partner. This is where tantric massage can help you.

This rubdown therapy is hailed across the world as the best way to relax. The massage implements breathing technique, yoga and meditation that leads to complete satisfaction. The therapist alternates pressure levels so that she can iron out all the knots in the muscles. Through the power of touch, a tantric masseuse will ease your body and mind. Once you are rid of physical and mental stress, the masseuse will concentrate on awakening your sexual energy that is stored in your genital area. It is also important to note here that you might have stress in your genitals, which the masseuse will cater to.

As the therapist expunges your body, mind and soul of stress and anxiety, you will be able to relax. This relaxation will help in preventing premature ejaculation when you are with your partner.

The massage awakens sexual energy

As aforementioned, tantric massage does a lot more than just relax the body. This massage is not like the normal massages that you might be accustomed to. This massage caters to the needs of the entire body. Just as your chest, back, legs and shoulders get tensed, your genital areas also get stressed out. You may not realise, but your inner thighs and genitals need the touch of an expert so that they can be relaxed. In addition to relaxing, tantric massage also helps in awakening the dormant sexual energy within the body. By massaging the erogenous areas of your body, the therapist will awaken the kundalini energy that was lying dormant. Then, the therapist will make use of massage techniques to help the sexual energy flow through your body. The energy will rise from your genital areas to your stomach and all the way to your heart. The massage will turn your entire body into an orgasmic zone. If you regularly treat your body to this massage, you can be free of premature ejaculation.

Feeling relaxed and getting control of your ejaculation will help you get rid of premature ejaculation. There are several London tantra massage agencies providing professional tantric massage services. You can go through their galleries and choose the therapist that best suits your preferences and needs. Also, you can decide whether to invite the therapist to your home or visit her in an incall apartment. However, make sure to only book through agencies if you want your personal information to remain private. Generally, massage girls who work with agencies are bound by a confidentiality agreement.

Tantric Top Massage is one of the best tantra massage agencies in London. This agency provides both incalls and outcalls. They are renowned for their delicious selection of massage girls who are not just experienced therapists, but showcase excellent beauty and flaunt irresistible assets.

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