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Tie and tease is the method where an individual is tied and later brought to climax. The therapist assumes the role of the dominatrix and denies the recipient of the massage an orgasm, increasing his sexual frustration. In this practice, the submissive partner is repeatedly stimulated so that he comes to a highly aroused state without giving him relief. If the tied individual is allowed to experience orgasm, it will be more intense than normal because of the extended stimulation. This further builds tension and arousal, where the bound partner looks for release. This constant stimulation is coupled with massage to relieve bodily and mental tension. Tie and tease aims to lead the bound individual to a heightened level of orgasm, where you will be begging her to release. As this scenario involves restraint and helplessness, two partners must negotiate before starting the game.

What makes this play special?

What sets this play apart from sensual massage is that your hired mistress will use different objects to pleasure your body which may include silk, feathers and more. The element of surprise and anticipation take you to a new world with every touch because you will never know what her next move is and how is she planning to seduce you.

What benefits you can enjoy?

The tie and tease massage in Marble Arch gives the ultimate pleasure as you enter a state of arousal for a prolonged time by a sexy masseuse. You are restrained to the bed with your eyes covered; all you can do is receive the pleasure and surrender to it. This massage session is everything about your body and sexual arousal. Though you are unable to move or see, all your senses are freed and evoked where you receive erotic pleasure like the one you have experienced never before.

Those who are keen to try erotic or sensual massages, such as tantric and Nuru and those who fantasise about being strapped and explore dominatrix will find this category of massage a suitable stepping stone to revel in erotic sexual pleasures. When the session ends, you can rest assured that you will feel invigorated and rejuvenated with the release of sexual frustration and tension.

What are the tips and tricks involved?

Now, when you are ready to venture this erotic play in the bedroom, you need to have some kinky toys. You may be new to this, but your hired mistress knows quite well how to enliven the spark. She starts the session with rope or furry handcuffs, a cloth to blindfold and a tickler. Beginning the massage session with light and playful objects will enable the submissive one to become accustomed in the bedroom. Once relaxed, she moves on to more serious gadgets like, bu8ll whips, butt plugs and more. Initially, she will just experiment tying you and finding your comfort and erogenous spots. However, you should pay attention if you prefer being tied or like the activities done by the dominatrix. Always communicate with your mistress what you feel so that she can make the experience more memorable for you.

During tie and tease, safety matters the most. As a part of the body is tied, the dominatrix must never leave her client alone. Ropes should not be tied around the neck, underarms, elbows and knees. If rope is not your thing, you can go for simpler things like, handcuffs. The more you get habituated with the method, the more you will try to push your boundaries. However, make sure that you avoid all the risks, breathe properly and enjoy the steamy act.

Tie and tease massage lets you experience your wildest fantasies which you have kept hidden for so many years. You can choose a sexy goddess of your choice who will combine her seductive art and gentle rubdown, heightening your pleasure. For the best experience, contact an agency that hires professional and trained masseuses. She will leave you content to the core when you leave the session.

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