How Can You Improve Your Sensual Massage Experience?

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Feeling blue? Exhausted? Or just bored? Regardless of what you are feeling, a sensual massage in Knightsbridge can instantly make you feel amazing. It can lift your spirits and bring back the spring in your step. A sensual massage is not like your regular massage therapies. This rubdown is not just about relaxing your muscles, but it also focuses on stimulating your senses and catering to your erotic urges. With just one session of erotic rubdown therapy, you can feel energised, satisfied and happy. This massage can even help you overcome anxiety, stress and depression.

So, if you have decided to go for a sensual massage experience, you would obviously want it to be the very best. Below given are some handy tips that you can keep in mind when meeting your chosen massage therapist.

Take a long shower first

This might sound absurd, but if you meet your chosen masseuse for your massage a bit smelly and sweaty, you will not feel confident stripping down. As this rubdown therapy is not like traditional massages, the therapist might ask you to strip down and there might also be a lot more contact between you and the masseuse. If you are constantly worrying about how you smell, you will not get a lot out of the session and when the session ends, you will not be completely relaxed. So, it is crucial to make sure that you are clean and fresh. This way you will not feel embarrassed in front of the therapist.

Also, you need to take into consideration the feelings of the masseuse. Masseuses would prefer to work on a client who is clean and smells fresh. If you shower and smell nice, the masseuse will appreciate the gesture and return you the favour by giving you the best massage that you have ever received before.

Bring a change of clothes

This is particularly for incall massage appointments. If you are visiting the therapist in her apartment, make sure that you bring a pair of comfortable clothes. During the massage, the therapist will probably use some kind of massage oil or moisturiser. You would not want the oil to stick to your clothes, especially if you are wearing formals. Another reason is that your muscles are going to get worked up after a massage. It is just like going to the gym. You would not want to put on a suit after a great workout session. So, carry comfortable clothes that you can get into after a relaxing sensual massage in Knightsbridge.

Do not hit the gym after a massage

Immediately after getting a massage, you must not hit the gym or partake in any kind of strenuous physical activities. You need to rest your muscles to fully take advantage of the massage session. So, make sure to have enough time on your hands that will allow you to take rest for a while before heading out.

Make sure to instantly give cash to your masseuse

When your chosen therapist is massaging you, it is best that she does not have any kind of distracting thoughts. One of the thoughts that she might be having is regarding money. It is best that you hand her the cash the moment you see her so that she can just focus on taking care of your needs.

So, these are a few of the things that you can do to boost your sensual massage experience. You can either opt for an incall or outcall massage session in Knightsbridge. You will find several agencies providing discreet services at affordable rates. Go through the profiles of the therapists to select a masseuse that caters to your preferences, needs and taste. You can look forward to having an amazing time. If you want more than a sensual massage experience, you can combine your session with a happy ending massage.

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