Things You Should Not Do During a Four Hand Massage

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  • Published December 22, 2019
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Massage enthusiasts across the world are waking up to the incredible benefits of a four hand massage in Mayfair. This special and superior kind of rubdown therapy involves two therapists using their hands to stimulate and manipulate the body. The masseuses move their hands in a choreographed motion that leaves the recipients mesmerised. Typically, one masseuse works on one side of the body like, the left leg whilst the other works on the right leg. Alternatively, one therapist manipulates the lower body whilst the other takes the upper body. This synchronised movement of hands ensures head-to-toe satisfaction.

Recipients of a four hand massage are always left more relaxed and content than those getting a standard massage. Two pairs of hands are able to reach more places, excite more senses and stimulate more areas than one pair of hands. Simply put, two therapists are able to divide and conquer all the aching muscles, and double the relaxation.

Even though this rubdown therapy is popular and offer loads of health, relaxation and sensual benefits, there are certain things that you should not do during a four hand massage session. Take a look below to know what things to avoid.

Do not turn up for the session unprepared

In Mayfair, there are agencies providing massages of all types and while they might provide similar benefits, they vary. If you are interested in getting a four hand rubdown, research about the therapy so that you do not turn up for your session with misinformed perceptions. You would not want to be shocked when two therapists walks in the room and asks you to strip, and one of them starts playing with your private parts.

A four hand massage is an intimate affair, and you have to be sure whether you want two gorgeous masseuses to touch you. If you are sure, ensure that you maintain a certain level of general cleanliness and hygiene.

Do not be totally passive

Massage therapists like a bit of constructive criticism and feedback, otherwise they will not know if you are genuinely enjoying the things they are doing to you. If there is any part of your body that particularly feels strained, you can ask them to give extra attention there. You can also let them know when you enjoy a specific movement or suggest them to switch to the movement that they were using before. This is crucial because everybody has unique needs and only you know best what feels nice. Let the masseuses know and they will personalise the session as per your specific needs.

Do not be inappropriate or aggressive

A four hand massage in Mayfair is a type of erotic massage and it would involve the masseuses touching, teasing and caressing your intimate parts. However, you must not treat them as escorts. These women should be respected. You need to understand that they are professional therapists. Touching your private parts does not mean that they want to have sex with you. Just as tension accumulates in other parts of your body, your genitals also become stressed. Releasing stress helps in boosting sexual performance and you will be thankful for that. So, never be aggressive or pass inappropriate comments.

Do not wait till the end of the session to pay the therapists

It is considered good manners to settle the fee beforehand. Do not wait till the end of the session to give the masseuses what you owe them. Just put the agreed money in an envelope and leave it somewhere where the masseuses can see instantly as they enter the room. This gesture will make the masseuses treat you even better.

So, these are a few things that you should keep in mind not to do when getting a four hand massage in Mayfair. All the best for having a great time.

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