Tantra Massage - Why are People Crazy about This Therapy?

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Are you a massage enthusiast? If so, you must already know that massage is all about an experienced person working your muscles with the right amount of pressure to reduce stress and relieve pain. To an extent, tantra or tantric massage is similar. However, unlike conventional massage, it is a different experience and involves nudity, healing, your private parts and orgasms. If that got your attention, keep reading to know why everyone in Battersea and across London is in love with this rubdown therapy.

The basics of tantra massage

Tantra massage is a hands-on practice that is different from traditional rubdown treatments. This therapy incorporates the essence of shakti, which is known as energy. This treatment works to eliminate the blockages that people face thanks to the hectic modern life. The blockages can be mental, physical, sexual, emotional or even psychosomatic.

Whilst you might think that tantra massage in Battersea is just about mind-blowing orgasms, you need to realise that orgasms are not the ultimate aim of this rubdown therapy. Of course, increased orgasmic and pleasure is one of the beneficial effects of this treatment, it is not the primary aim. It is simply a by-product.

Tantra massage experience

A tantra massage session feels heavenly as this is a very intimate and personal massage therapy. You will probably not be wearing any clothes or just a small towel to cover your private parts. The therapist will be massaging every inch of your body with warm oil, and the gentle touch will work towards awakening your dormant erotic energy. Once awake, the masseuse will massage your body so that the energy spreads throughout your entire body.

Even though tantra massage essentially covers every inch of a recipient’s body, it is not necessary that your genitals have to be a part of the rubdown session. If you do not feel comfortable with the idea of a stranger groping and touching your private parts, you can make that clear beforehand. Then, the masseuse will respectfully and lovingly take her fingers near your inner thighs to arouse your senses, but she will not touch your genitals, unless you are comfortable and ready.

When it comes to the experience of a tantric massage, people have different things to say. Some people find a profound change in their emotions and thoughts, whilst there are others who feel positively rejuvenated from the experience. There are also people who claim that the massage has helped to enhance their sexual performance and boosted their libido.

In general, a tantra experience means recipients having their confidence restored and them feeling content with their body. This massage gives people the opportunity to explore their body and find out what kind of touch stimulates their senses. The experience is one of enlightenment, along with complete relaxation and total erotic satisfaction.

The benefits of getting a tantra massage

Tantra massage in Bayswater is not only about pleasure and orgasms. This treatment offers myriad benefits to the recipients. Some of them are mentioned below.

 Treatment of common sexual problems or dysfunctions of men, as well as, women

 Improvement of vitality and health

 Alleviation of emotions that are blocked or stuck

 Ignition of a spiritual realisation and awakening

 Enhancement of the potential of orgasms and the ability to feel pleasure

 Eliminating physical, emotional and mental stress

 Cultivation of joy and contentment

 Promotion of total and complete relaxation

The benefits of this treatment are not just restricted to pleasure and sensual satisfaction. This means that this treatment takes a holistic approach and helps in boosting overall well-being and health.

So, if you have never tried a tantra or tantric massage, it is high time that you see an experienced masseuse. When the masseuse touches your body using her gentle, soft hands, you will understand why so many men in Bayswater are dying to let a tantric goddess touch them. Just one session will change your life and make you fall in love with this treatment.

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