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  • Author Kevin Marshall
  • Published January 9, 2020
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Graffiti can be generally defined as writing or drawings made on a wall or any other surface, usually as a form of artistic expression, without legal permission, and directly within the sight of the public. It may range from simple written words to detailed and elaborate wall paintings. It is a rapidly developing art form, especially in the USA. There are some people who refer to graffiti as an art, but in many ways, graffiti art has its disadvantages. In order to make things clearer in this perspective and understand the importance of removing graffiti in USA, we have some arguments prepared.

It is illegal

Graffiti is illegal, and unless the artist has the legal permit, anything drawn in public areas is considered vandalism. While street artists do acquire government permits in order to paint murals on walls, many don’t. And while it may be decorative and look good, it is still considered illegal. Too much money is spent on removing graffiti in USA every year. Nearly 12$ billion are spent each year in order to deal with the graffiti problem all around the USA. It is necessary that people understand this, and do their part in preventing it, as all this budget can be spent on something good if the problem of graffiti isn’t as bad anymore.

It is inappropriate

Graffiti is considered inappropriate due to the vulgar language and vulgar images used in it. Not every graffiti is considered as a work of art. Many people who do graffiti, do it for the sake of vandalism. When the vulgar languages and images are present on the walls of a school or an office, it can cast off a negative image of the place. It shows that the owners and managers of the place have no control over their environment. That is another reason why removing graffiti in USA is important.

It is used to mark territory and open gateways to other crimes

Many gangs use graffiti as a medium to mark their territory. In case that territory is breached, it results in many crimes. This whole scenario is largely unpleasant and anything related to gangs and crimes must be ridden from the area immediately. So removing graffiti in USA also ensures that there are lesser gang-related and local crimes.

Environmental damages

The fumes that are released as a result of graffiti also damage the environment. They promote air pollution and are dangerous when inhaled. So removing graffiti in USA and taking actions towards preventing it also ensures that the environment is cleaner in the area.

Just Like New

The Just Like New company has taken a solid initiative towards the work of removing graffiti in USA. If your walls were vandalized and distasteful graffiti now ruins the image of your shop or office, you can hire Just Like New to remove that graffiti. They have the necessary equipment to perform the task and can make your walls look as good as new. Contact Just Like New for more information.

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