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Bayswater is one of the most cosmopolitan areas in the city of London. This area boasts of a diverse population and it is a centre of non-stop activity. Bayswater has a high concentration of hotels and restaurants. Needless to say, a very hectic lifestyle comes from living or visiting this part of the city. As such, it can be difficult to find the time to take care of yourself and relax.

Fortunately, Bayswater is home to exceptional massage therapists who understand the importance of indulgence. They understand how important it is for you to take good care of yourself and there is no better way to feel pampered than availing their super indulgent tantric massage services.

Whether you are suffering from knotted and tensed muscles or you simply want a break from your daily routine, a bodyrub can be the ideal solution. It is also an opportunity for you to get up, close and personal with the incredibly beautiful masseuses that Bayswater is famous for. Here are some of the popular tantric massage treatments that you can gift yourself.

Classic tantric massage

The classic tantric massage therapy is one whose principles are deeply rooted in the practices of tantra, which originated in the subcontinent of India. Traditional tantric massage has a rich history and it goes back thousands of years.

This treatment is not like your normal massages, but with a twist. The therapy starts like a regular massage where the masseuse concentrates on loosening all the tight muscles in the body. She applies various relaxation massage techniques in different pressure levels to help the muscles relax. But, she does not stop there. She mixes relaxation techniques with arousal techniques so that your body forgets all the stress whilst feeling sexually alive. The tantric massage awakens the dormant sexual energy in the body and helps it flow within the body. So, the occasional brush of the masseuse’s hands against your genitals and balls is normal.

The masseuse will take you to the edge, but bring you back. However, finally, she will allow you to release yourself and the feeling will be better than having sex. The orgasm will feel like all your burden and stress has been let out of your body, and you can finally take a deep breath and go to sleep.

Roleplay tantric massage

Ever since tantric massage has made its way into the Western world, people have taken liberties to experiment with it. Roleplay tantric massage is the result of one of those experiments.

By adding the element of roleplay into a tantric massage in Bayswater session, the massage therapist will heighten your excitement. Even though sexual intercourse is not part of the session, you can explore your other fantasies. For instance, you might have fantasised being touched by your junior school headmistress. Your chosen masseuse can dress like her and give you the massage.

The character that you would want your masseuse to play is entirely your call. She can dress as a nurse, a policewoman, a French maid or even something out of a superhero movie.

Domination tantric massage

All the elements of a tantric massage mixed with a bit of BDSM is what domination tantric massage feels like. The massage therapist will play the role of a dominatrix and dominate you throughout the massage session. You will have to give up control and allow her to touch you in ways that you have only thought about in your dreams. She might even tie a blindfold around your eyes or tie your hands to make the domination scene seem real.

So, what mood are you in? If it is only relaxation and a bit of excitement is what you want, a classic tantric should be enough. However, if you wish to spend sexy time with a therapist, a domination or roleplay tantric massage in Bayswater will be more your choice.

London Tantric Massage provides incall and outcall tantric massage in Bayswater. This agency is known for its exceptional selection of massage girls and discreet services at the most affordable prices. In addition to classic tantric massage, they also offer tie and tease, BDSM and roleplay tantric massage.

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