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  • Published July 2, 2020
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Over recent years tantric massage has literally exploded on to the alternative therapy scene in the UK and within Europe. This is mainly due to people really starting to appreciate the benefits of this sensual form of massage. Here we look at some of the tried and tested benefits of Tantra and tantric massage in general:

Increased Relaxation - The relaxation aspect of tantric massage is two fold. Firstly one can expect to get a certain level of relaxation from any form of massage, due to the tactile nature of the therapy, and the kneading and various muscle and body manipulations involved. The added relaxation aspect that you get with tantric massage is of course the tantric breathing techniques, which help bring the feeling of relaxation to a whole different level than traditional massage.

Better Sleep - Another byproduct of being more relaxed, is of course the ability to sleep easier. Many people report that not only are you able to get off to sleep easier, but the sleep is much deeper and more peaceful, which can be a godsend to many who suffer from lack of, or disturbed sleep.

Enhanced Sexual Performance - This is perhaps one of the most unique aspects of tantric massage therapy over many other massages. The tantric breathing techniques and the increased focus and mental clarity that this brings, can allow people to not only enjoy the whole sexual process more, but also to perform better and longer. Through the use of tantric breathing techniques, men are able to last much longer, and this can be a great natural way to counter issues such as premature ejaculation, which can cause problems for many guys as they get older.

Emotional Connection - On of the plus points of using Tantra and tantric massage is it enables couples to build a much deeper connection with their partner. By understanding your partner more and his and her needs, many couples report a much stronger and deeper bond within a relationship.

To find out more or to sample this amazing therapy, please check out Aphrodite London Tantric. We are a small agency based in Central London offering Tantra and tantric massage services to men, women and couples.

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