How to Attract a Woman (6 Things That Get Her Fascinated)

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  • Published January 14, 2023
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If the Law of Attraction were a concrete scientific fact, men wouldn't have to worry about attracting women. But science can help us understand the age-old question of how attractive men are to women.

How to Attract a Woman (6 Things That Get Her Fascinated)

Men don't have to worry about how to attract women. But science can help us understand the age-old question of how attractive men are to women. Since the Law of Attraction is complex, we don’t fully understand it.

Since the Law of Attraction is complex and we don't fully understand how and why it all works, we know there is a lot men can do to improve their chances of bonding with the opposite sex.

So, let's look at how to attract women so that you can build that elusive romantic relationship faster.

Can't I just use the magic love potion?

In a world where instant answers, health-altering pills, and groundbreaking scientific discoveries appear every year, there's reason to believe someone will invent a magical panacea that can solve all of humanity's romantic challenges. But learning how to make women irresistible is more complicated than that because love, attraction, and romance are not one-size-fits-all situations.

Instead, we've collected 30 personality traits and masculinity qualities that you can highlight in yourself to help you attract women and find the relationship you're looking for. But don't worry—none of these tips require a trip to a plastic surgeon or a job change. Instead, we recommend you do some fine-tuning of your identity to influence your ability to get the girl you want.

How to Attract Women Without Talking

How to Attract a Woman (6 Things That Get Her Fascinated)

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We know changing your life can be difficult, so if you want to start small, we have you covered. These 10 tips are subtle, silent transformations when you want to get her attention without small talk or even before the relationship becomes conversational.

  1. Wear your new fragrance with confidence.

It's not just your mind that tricks you when you feel more confident after spritzing on your favorite cologne or a new scented deodorant. A 2009 study found that not only did men exhibit more confident behaviors when using new fragrances, but women actually visually described men as more attractive, even though they had no way of knowing they were using any fragrance.

So go ahead and add a fresh scent to your personal care routine, as it might turn someone's eyes in your direction (but don't overdo it).

  1. Demonstrate the inflation pose.

When considering what makes a man attractive to a woman, the male stance is sometimes taken into account. But multiple studies of body language and posture used in dating app pictures have shown that men who use open, broad body language, an upward "V"-shaped arm, or an outstretched hand are repeatedly described on the app as being more favorable to women. favorable. attractive.

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In your daily life (even in your dating profile picture), use the same non-closed gestures to subconsciously signal to women that you are someone they should find attractive.

  1. Be true to yourself.

One of the easiest ways to attract women is to be the best version of yourself. Rely on yourself to achieve your desires and goals instead of always turning to others to help or support you.

Women who think you're self-reliant and real are comfortable in their own skin, and they can confidently know they're getting to know the "real" you.

  1. Don't shave (as much as possible).

Men wondering how to attract women without speaking should see their 5 o'clock shadow as a benefit. In a woman's eyes, a small stubble is more masculine than a clean-shaven face or even a thick beard. So consider cutting back on shaving to get the ladies' attention.

  1. Don’t hide your scars or flaws.

Everyone has blemishes and marks, but scars, whether physical or character flaws, are usually hidden from most men, at least initially. But a surprising 2009 study examined how men with and without visible facial scars rated attractive men.

Women report that they prefer men with visible scars, a relief to those worried that their imperfections make women unattractive. Emotional vulnerability is equally attractive to women, but women don't score highly on first dates.

[How to Attract a Woman (6 Things That Get Her Fascinated)


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