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  • Author James Smith
  • Published June 23, 2023
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“What Happened?”

Several months ago you were introduced to a great guy at a party given by a friend. You spent the entire evening talking, laughing and dancing. He took your number, promised to call you, and he did.

You spent the next six weeks having a fabulous time together. You found that you and Mr. Wonderful enjoyed many of the same things. You had the same taste in movies, liked the same music and had similar beliefs.

Everything between you seemed idyllic and you believed that you had finally met “the one.” He seemed perfect for you in every way and you were sure he was falling in love with you.

But then you started to notice a subtle change begin to take place. Instead of calling you every night, he started calling only once or twice a week. And, if you called him, oftentimes he didn’t pick up. Then the week came when he didn’t call at all. It was the first weekend the two of you hadn’t spent together in weeks and you cried yourself to sleep wondering what happened.

When you finally reached him on Sunday evening, he seemed a little distant but happy to hear from you. He never said where he had been or why the two of you weren’t together, and you were too afraid to ask. You ended the call and haven’t heard from him since. That was two weeks ago and you are at your wit’s end.

Your mind is like a tape recorder replaying your last date, the last time you made love and your last phone conversation. What did you do or say wrong and how could he just disappear? How could he drop out of your life and hurt you like this without an explanation? You begin to panic as you go over and over in your mind what you did wrong, didn’t do right or could have done differently.

You feel like the walking dead and wish you had never met him in the first place. You vow that you will never, ever get involved again. You decide you may even give up men altogether and join a convent. You fear your heart will never heal and you will be alone for the rest of your life; and yet, if you’re like most women, you’d like just one more chance to find out if this relationship could be saved.

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