How to get over a relationship breakup?

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  • Published February 24, 2023
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It is evident that no one is prepared for the end of a relationship. It doesn't matter if it was very short or lasting, it can be extremely painful to deal with it and this is the true test of our strength and endurance, as we will conquer the overcoming of those we love. The pain and sadness don't go away right after a breakup, but there are some ways to learn to move on. In this post, I'll show you some ways to help you with that, let's go!

  1. Accept the breakup and your feelings

The first step in overcoming a breakup is accepting reality. It is normal to feel anger, sadness and even despair. Allow yourself to feel all of this, including shedding a few tears if necessary. Give yourself the time and space to fully heal.

  1. Don't blame or accuse

No one has the right to self-blame or to blame the other. It is important to understand that the relationship ended because it had to. Don't make accusations or try to place blame on anyone, not even yourself. Respect the other's decision and accept that the breakup was the best thing for both of you.

  1. Stay away

Once the breakup is finalized, it's important to keep your distance. Get out of your comfort zone and don't stay in the same area they frequent. In this way, you avoid unnecessary contact with the person.

  1. Reconnect with friends and family

After a breakup, it's normal for us to feel lonely and isolated. So it's important to spend time with close friends and family. Take time to enjoy a night out with them or do something you enjoy with them. This can help get over the breakup.

  1. Think about what you've learned

There were some moments we spent together, and when we think about them, we can look back and realize what was good about those moments. If we hadn't lived this experience, we would never have learned so much. So it's important to think about what was good and how we grew as human beings.

  1. Take a deep breath

Breathing deeply is an effective way to reduce stress and relax in times of tension. Take a few minutes to feel your breath and practice some deep breathing techniques.

  1. Change something in your routine

Routinely, the end of a relationship can change your routine. So it's important to change something, even if it's simple, to get used to the new routine. If you always hang out after work with the person, look for something you enjoy to fill that space.

  1. Do something you loved

Often when we are with someone, we spend a lot of time ignoring our own needs and desires. So now you can dedicate yourself to something you loved but didn't have time for before. Do something that gives you pleasure, such as reading a book, watching a movie, doing some physical activity or going out with friends.

  1. Take care of yourself

After a breakup, it is extremely important to take care of yourself. Eat right, exercise, sleep well, and do something fun. Take care of your physical and mental well-being to feel better, healthier and ready to move forward.

  1. Don't forget

Your life is not about the relationship you had. Remember that you are important, that you are unique, that you are special. There is always the possibility of building a new beginning.

Ultimately, we all know that a breakup can be unpleasant, but there are ways to move on and rebuild your life. Accept the breakup, don't blame anyone, keep a healthy distance, reconnect with friends and family, think about what you've learned, take a deep breath, do something you enjoy, and don't forget about yourself. Stay well, until the next post!

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