The Attack of Womanhood

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  • Author Cooper Brown
  • Published March 22, 2023
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At any point you find yourself browsing through social media, inevitably you will come across these new age individuals explaining their social changes of masculinity and men. Individuals such as the Tate brothers have become synonymous with this current trend of new influences. A lot of energy is spent in order to educate and help young men in combating these decade long trends distorting them as men. This is in fact justified.

There is no doubt that there have been many social changes that have impacted young men negatively, lowering their ambitions and even physiologically. However, these seem to be more blatantly obvious then another, seemingly more dangerous erosion of western culture and that is the attack on Femininity and of women hood. The attacks against women seem far more subtle and are not nearly as described as much as then attacks of traditional masculinity. Leading far more to the destructive nature of current societies. The devastation is amplified by the lack of coverage or outright acknowledgement.

These trends are most applicable in several ways, the changing definitions of what makes a woman as well as the priorities women are taught to pursue.

The most modern wave a feminist has succeeded in thinking that the “male lifestyle” is responsible for the most amount of joy. This includes promiscuity and an obsession in the workforce. Often reinforced by major institutions and social media, have Millennial and Gen Z women falling for worldly pleasures.

We naturally put a lot of emphasis in our jobs as this is what we spend a huge portion of our lives involved in. While it can be a source of pride, it is but a small point of one's life and will not be the defining characteristics of it. Starting at a young age, girls are expected to prioritize their lives around a career. Modern polling has shown a record high; a majority of women are valuing careers over homemaking.

Similar marriage in general had been postponed by most women in order to focus on other aspects of life such as their careers and casual relationships. Currently, marriage rates are at their lowest point it has been in record, less than 7 per 1000 people in the United States. Instead, pursuing a casual relationship with little regard for one's chastity.

This re adjustment in lifestyle breaks from the traditional norms women partake in. When left to their own devices, their decision making emulates a completely different lifestyle than men. Throughout all of the social advancement in society, women's general happiness has been declining. As women have been told to act in the primal nature of their male counterparts, the overall well being of women has been decreasing, while levels of stress and anxiety have skyrocketed.

This is corrupted tremendously with the use of the internet and social media, where these lifestyles are promoted. Disproportionately affecting women and girls. Spending 3 or more hours per day with an average age of 14, young girls are being filtered by harmful content that promotes poor life choices. Leading to greater instances of depression, low self-esteem, and irregular daily patterns.

For men and women alike, neither of these acts promote long term happiness, and is a fallacy that men have adopted let women. As a man the most important duty one could take up is that of Fatherhood, Similarly, motherhood, is the most admirable and life fulfilling responsibilities as a woman. Falling for the pure naturalist tendencies of one's sex, will never lead to true happiness.

Another instance of the attacks against women are found within the very nature of transgender ism.

The concept of changing genders trivializes the very nature of womanhood. If being a woman is simply based on things you buy off of a shelf, then that devalues what you actually are as a person. This is highly insulting. Alteration of your hormones is trying to appease the most simplest idea of the makeup of women. And yet, individuals in the Trans gender community would have one believe that this is the case.

This growing ten of transgender individual competing in women's athletics has any example of ignoring the plight of real women in order to appease these fad. Individuals such as Jaycee Cooper, Cece Telfer, Wren Pryle and Lia Thomas, are just a few of the biological males that have committed in female athletics and have stolen major titles away from women.

Little has been done to fight back for fear of being labeled as hateful. Even from those this affects the most.

If left unresolved it will not be surprising if the entirety of female sports will be dominated by biological males. Ruining countless opportunities for real women in the name of inclusivity.

Virtuous women are one of the most important characteristics of a healthy thriving society. While many have attempted to discuss men and their various battles, little has been done to educate women on their situations that I would argue come with greater consequences.

There is a silent war raged against traditional femininity. With essentially no coverage, this has allowed the methodical erosion and amnesia, about what is a woman. Disrupting where one's value stems from. Your individual virtues, the ability to bear children and have an emotional connection that men can never have, links the magical nature inherent in most women. Men and women, when left to their baseline natural urges, are inherently flawed. But when combined and accepting of their characteristics of masculine and feminine, transcend into the most important asset to any civilization.

The destruction of womanhood has decimated the culture of the western world. With no one speaking out on its accuser, it will surely mean the fall of our civilization.

My name is Cooper Brown, I am a student studding political scientist at Southern New Hampshire University, I am passionate about politics and social Issues that effect American and the Western World, expanding my ability of writing and communicating issues of our time.

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