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Most of the times when a woman gets marries her next priority becomes how to get pregnant fast and for this the couple undergoes many sexual intercourses. To determine whether you are pregnant or not you must you can go for a test. If the test comes out to be positive, the results state that you are pregnant. Being pregnant is fun; all the people around you show their graciousness towards you by offering you comfortable seats, opening doors, helping you out at some work and lot more. Still some things should be taken care off especially while eating.

Preferable Foods during pregnancy

When you get pregnant, the diet should be taken care of, as this diet provides nutrition to both the mother and the baby. So it is very important to be particular about the balanced diet. Generally it is prescribed to switch on to a pure vegan diet, but can also take meat and fish at times. Here are some nutrients that should be included in the diet.

· Plenty of water

· Proteins

· Carbohydrates

· Calcium

· Vitamin A

· Vitamin C

· Vitamin D

· Vitamin B6

· Vitamin B12

· Iron

· Folic acid

· Fats

Foods to be avoided

Moreover, some foods that should be avoided during pregnancy should also be watched out. The following presented list of food items can lead to miscarriages also; therefore it is very important to keep a check on what to eat and what not to eat. Generally during this time, try to have fresh food and keep away from some foods, as listed below.

· Unpasteurized milk and juice

· Coffee

· Alcohol

· Frozen smoked seafood and meat spreads

· Liver

· Soft cheese

· High mercury containing fish

· Raw meat and sushi

· Raw Eggs

How to get Pregnant Fast

· The foremost thing to get faster pregnancy is to keep a check on the menstrual cycle. If the cycle is uneven, the chances for pregnancy are reduced. So try to take a regular course of medicine to come up with this problem.

· If you are having intercourses, try to make it around the time of ovulation as a woman is at her maximum fertility during this time.

· Avoid the intake of caffeine, alcohol, drugs, contraceptives, medicines and other lubricants. In addition to this, smoking ruins the formation of healthy sperms both in men and women.

· Do not have a sexual intercourse stressfully in order to get pregnant as it decreases the fertility rate as well as probability of getting pregnant.

· It is approved by the doctors that men should keep there testicles cool. The extreme heat given to the testicles result in the killing of sperms. This is the reason testicles are outside the body to avoid heat intake from the body itself.

· Men should also try ejaculating at a continuous basis in conjunction with the regular intercourses after every forty eight hours to avoid missing time before ovulation.

· Couples should have a healthier lifestyle especially a balanced diet, as it not only helps to have greater possibilities of pregnancy but also gives you an opportunity to have a healthy and strong baby.

· Many gynecologists also state that, after having a sexual intercourse the woman should continue to lie down on the bed in order to lessen the prospect of leaking of sperms form the women’s vagina, giving you a wider probability of getting pregnant.

· Some of the women can also start the intake of an herb called maca, which is actually a Peruvian root and basically helps in stabilizing the hormones.

Early Signs of Pregnancy

· The symptoms usually start with a morning sickness that includes vomiting, nausea and a dizzy feeling.

· A menstrual cycle is missed and moreover, at the time of regular cycles bleeding starts that is actually the bleeding of implantation. You may find some stains in pink or light brown color due to implantation.

· You may experience swollen breasts and darkening around the area of nipples.

· Urination becomes frequent when the uterus expands and applies pressure on the urinary bladder.

· You will feel tired and exhausted during the early symptoms.

· You will get easily agitated at times due to mood swings.

· In comparison to usual times, the basal body temperature is increased.

· You may suffer from constipation, backache and headache in early stages of pregnancy.

Online Information

There are a number of websites on the internet that are serving people with the matter how to get pregnant fast; You can also locate all the essential details as well as pros and cons regarding carrying out a healthier pregnancy. So look out for these guidelines and step forward to carry a hale and hearty pregnancy.

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